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Vote #1 for Arjay Martin & RESET Parliament candidates
to Restore Queensland & Australia to full glory!

This website is being updated over time - Please keep checking back.

After the election I'll sell much of my private property to make up for money spent on the election, including opportunity cost, e.g. furniture, jewelry, paintings, maybe even my car, whatever else I have of value.

Stay awesome and thank you for your vote!

Hello, please join RESET Parliament to help reset Parliaments across Australia.

The main focus is on the 31 October Queensland State Election (2020) at this stage, where we are hoping to run in every seat.  We have been much delayed with the illegal, unconstitutional and not even gazetted CoViD Lockdown; and subsequent court action with RESET Parliament party founder Arjay Martin fighting for all of our rights in the Courts.

The aim is to restore lawful government by essentially combine the best features of Independent & Party Candidates - whilst operating lawfully in the interests of Australians.

The Party is essentially one of independents, in that candidates and members are not bound to 'towing a party line', instead relying on thier own common sense, interpersonal skills, and the will of electors - whilst utilising thier independent judgements.

Please invite more people, that you trust, to this page and ask them to do so as well. 

Thank you kindly,
Arjay Martin.

Please join now (in 4 easy steps):

Step 1: Email me at with 'RESET' in the subject line;

Step 2: I send you a copy of the party constitution and membership application form;

Step 3: fill it out and send it back to;

Step 4: we review it and send you a confirmation on acceptance.


I know having an online form would be easier, but this website builder does not allow it to have such details, for privacy reasons.


Standing up for you!

Follow up interview on the Truth and Freedom Report - with Matt Rosengarten - covering the court case, and many other topics from fractional reserve banking, to Bill Heffernan's famous speech... from cashless society to the legality of CoViD Directions.

TINLA 45: Queensland State Election Candidates Forum - 27 08 2020 - Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, Broardwater.  Breakfast by the Gold Coast Central & Southern Chambers of Commerce.  I will make a shorter one that it of myself (Arjay) and the other Candidate for the Seat of Surfer's Paradise.

Truth and Freedom Report - Matt Rosengarten - commentary & interviewing Arjay Martin,
on his CoViD Directions / Lockdown / Mandatory Medicines court case (pending appeal).  

Please donate to the fund at Go Fund Me.  Thank you kindly:

Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter have all censored me - to various degrees.  

Here is JP Sears describing what it's like generally. 

Past elections

To give you an idea of what I am about.
N.B. The phone numbers on the flyers are no longer mine.

From the 2019 Federal Election
(where I was endorsed by the Great Australian Party)

From the 2016 Federal Election (where I was an Independent).

Me Cartoonified!  A great Cartoon from the living legend that is Peter Lewis - Newcastle Herald.


Thank you kindly everyone for your support for the Election and all of my previous elections - Arjay Martin.


Want to Donate?

It is very expensive to run elections, of course, 

so please help us to help you by chipping in a few dollars?


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