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Update 3/10/2020 Please note that I have restored the policies page.

The number one policy for Qld is to get rid of the illegal, unlawful, etc. CoViD Directions - these include border closures, mass gathering limits, interference to businesses and private property, the banning of cheap safe and effective drugs against CoViD-19  like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivemectin (used with co-factor zinc & antibiotics to cover secondary bacterial infections).

The illegal fines should be reimbursed, restituio in integrum, plus interest.

The number two policy is to restore the Queensland Parliament's Upper House to restore lawful government, including checks and balances, etc.

Hello, please join RESET Parliament to help reset Parliaments across Australia.

The main focus is on the 31 October Queensland State Election (2020) at this stage, where we are hoping to run in every seat.  We have been much delayed with the illegal, unconstitutional and not even gazetted CoViD Lockdown; and subsequent court action with RESET Parliament party founder Arjay Martin fighting for all of our rights in the Courts.

The aim is to restore lawful government by essentially combine the best features of Independent & Party Candidates - whilst operating lawfully in the interests of Australians.

The Party is essentially one of independents, in that candidates and members are not bound to 'towing a party line', instead relying on thier own common sense, interpersonal skills, and the will of electors - whilst utilising thier independent judgements.

Please invite more people, that you trust, to this page and ask them to do so as well. 

Thank you kindly,
Arjay Martin.

Please join now (in 4 easy steps):

Step 1: Email me at with 'RESET' in the subject line;

Step 2: I send you a copy of the party constitution and membership application form;

Step 3: fill it out and send it back to;

Step 4: we review it and send you a confirmation on acceptance.


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Q&A (Questions and Answers)


The council has currently shelved plans for an offshore CST at Philip Park at The Spit. However, the debate has surfaced again in the poll. LNP leader Deb Frecklington indicated she would be prepared to talk to council about it. Do you support an offshore CST? If you do, please explain why. If you are opposed, please give details.

Decisions should not be made in isolation from reality. We have the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors to consider (the so-called 'PESTLE Analysis' from the business world).

Breaking this down and covering just a couple from brevity, with a focus on the economic and legal aspects in line with my expertise (Bachelor of Business, Juris Doctorate):

Legal: The government of Queensland, and indeed of the other States, Territories, and Federally have illegally shut down Australia.

Section 69 of the Commonwealth Constitution ('Const.') transferred all quarantine type powers from the Colonies to the Commonwealth (which itself is legally a self-governing colony, as per 'Covering Clause' 8. Therefore Queensland cannot even create laws in the nature of quarantine (but can enforce valid Commonwealth ones).

Section 92 ban intra-state & inter-state borders being closed, for instance the current state border closure (with or without 'travel bubble') & the previous 50/500km limit from one's house, unless exempt such as government and other 'essential workers'. This applies to both commercial & non-commercial and freedom of movement.

Section 117 prevents discrimination of residence of one part of Australia, to other parts of Australia. Parliamentarians, parliamentary candidates, & in particular the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk should bother to read the Constitution.

This is especially in light of such 'allegedly' ignorant, illegal and dangerous actions that have been linked to multiple deaths and other negative outcomes. Her decision making process is plain with such comments as “
People living in New South Wales, they have NSW hospitals, in Queensland, we have Queensland hospitals for our people,” (

Many people living in fear with the sensationalism of the 'yellow press', over the virus that has had 0.0000012% of Queenslanders die WITH, not from, SARS-CoV-2 (CoViD-19) are waiting for the Oxford University-AstraZeneca vaccine to 'save us' – yet is only we the people that can save ourselves. Fear sells & cripples rational thinking. The irrational ones, that want to preserve their rights and freedom of choice but take away yours by forcing you to be imprisoned and forcedly vaccinated – mandatory by coersion or holding you down to jab you are conspiring to break the highest law, that of the Commonwealth Constitution. S 51(XXIIIA) specifically prohibits the use of force for medical & dental services.

Without going into all of the details of the Oxford Uni.-AstraZeneca vaccine, nor the dangerous of stealth-adapted zoonotic viruses (Google it), it is a genetically modified chimpanzee-horse shoe bat-human chimeric RNA-type experimental vaccine virus, designed to make your own cells to replicate it. A summary is that you cannot force others to take vaccines (that again the Federal Government politicians should bother to read the Cth Constitution & end such things as 'No Jab, No Pay', 'No Jab, No Play', & 'No Jab, No Job'. If you look up the Barrington Declaration, you will find 1000s of doctors, including epidemiologists, signing a declaration that lockdowns are harmful, do not work, etc. Even the World Health Organisation just adopted it, condemning the lockdowns ( &

We also have the ignored protections of the Bill of Rights 1688 (Imp), Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth), Statutiory Instruments Act 1992 (Qld), & the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) to prohibit the illegal Lockdown and CoViD Directions.

Economic: Reports suggest that the offshore (on a long jetty) cruise ship terminal will cost in the vicinity of $600 million just to build – before the inevitable cost blow outs – and expected to bring in around 4-5 times that as income, over 30 years (

Noting that after the debacle of the Ruby Princess, that foreign flagged cruise liners have been banned from Queensland since June (and won't be lifted until Coronavirus is gone, which Coronaviruses have always been one of the 3 'common cold viruses – the other two being Rhinovirus and Adenovirus), & the 90% cost blow out for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, as just one of many examples of costs blowouts for government run projects, then perhaps a better guestimate is that the terminal may cost $1.2 billion and bring in $1.3 billion, over 30 years (,000%20(%24687%2C760)%20per%20athlete &

With the illegal lockdown in place, there isn't much point spending money on tourist attractions, sans tourists. I am challenging the illegal lockdown in Queensland, which many of you know has been before the courts since May. Unfortunately the Supreme Court won't deal with the matter until March next year – that is, if the case is not send directly to the High Court. I am the only Candidate making such a legal challenge.

There are only 150 cruise ships that go into nearby Brisbane, which is better handled to deal with enforcing Cth Quarantine laws. People aren't going on cruise ships now, generally speaking, Newcastle in New South Wales scrapped their Queen's Wharf planned Cruise Terminal years ago as it wasn't a great idea, and the opportunity cost of all of that money means that it does not make sense economically either.

I therefore do not support the Gold Coast getting a Cruise Ship Terminal.

erd immunity.


The council is currently not collecting the State's fire levy. They have decided it's a State issue. Meanwhile, the State is refusing to enter into a future bushfire management contract with council. This means there is a significant fire threat for the city. What is your solution? Do you have a plan to support rural firefighters? What is it? Labor has put forward a rural fire service budget of $47.1 million. Is it enough? What would be appropriate?

I have a friend that died in Taree, Barry Parsons, due to governent mismanagement. It is a State Issue. Councils are legally only departments of States, including after two failed referenda to make a 'third tear of government' in 1974 & 1988.

There needs to be a reduction in fuel loads, etc. This requires new budgeting inputs to get an appropriate level of funding. I support firefights, and other emergency services, of course.


The Gold Coast's ageing shark nets are to be reviewed following the death of real estate agent Nick Slater. He was surfing at Greenmount when killed by a shark. The review will look at the existing net and drumline system which has been in place since 1968. Do you believe the nets should remain? If not, why. Do you believe drum lines should be kept in place? Is there a better system or some way of avoiding another tragedy? Bait fish and whales are believed to be encouraging more dangerous sharks, some spotted inside the nets and at the mouths of creeks? What is a longer term solution here?

Nets on popular beaches, and Drum Lines, drone and plane inspections are appropriate. There may be may better ways. I am happy to consult with relevant stakeholders and experts to find a cost effective, appropriate solution.


City councillors are questioning whether to cap the Gold Coast's population rather than agree on where the projected boom of new residents will live. The City Plan amendment package, to be sent to the State to be ticked off, has for months been one of the city's biggest debates. Under the State Government's Shaping SEQ plan, the council is required to accommodate an extra 158,900 dwellings by 2041. If elected, would you advocate and lobby to reduce this number? What do you think is a population increase or level which would be manageable for the Gold Coast?

The people themselves should be surveys on this matter.

The idea of Responsible & Representative Government is to represent the people's wishes, after assisting to educate them with one's own opinions, and the pros, cons & alternatives of such significant decisions. That is one of the many reasons that I, and RESET Parliament (my not-yet-registered political party, essentially one of independents), support Citizen's Initiated Referenda.

There are various considerations that must be dealt with over the matter, and various competing interests creating great tension.

Having unlimited immigration into Australia is not a great idea. Leaving aside the effects of CoViD-19 Restrictions on a Federal Level, Australia's immigration intake is generally too high. The infrastructure backlog grows daily, no net infrastructure is created when you have backlogs (when accounting for the backlog). There are large towns in Australia that do not even have a sewer system, yet we are crazy enough to borrow money from overseas, to be paid back with interest, for building sewer systems overseas & other spending such as buying Indonesia $400 million worth of attack helicopters (& $500 million for Indonesian schools (including those promoting religious extremism) &

Foreign Aid is a Federal Issue, yet the States & Territories are involved via the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (ChoGM) / The National Cabinet. The States should lobby the Federal Government for large chunks, or even the entirety, of Foreign Aid. It is akin to having a family who is starving (via 'vertical fiscal imbalance' – the Cth gets the bulk of the money but the States have the bulk of expenses) and the parents are neglecting their children (us) by going out all day and night wasting all the family's money on crack, ice, grog, prostitutes & gambling.

People also want cheap and plentiful property for themselves, but once locked in down want others to change the area (e.g. leveling villages for sky scrapers) fearing that their property will lose value and amenity.

Again, limiting immigration so that already existing Australian Family's can grow is a very large part of the solution. We have many unfortunate homeless people, many not by choice (like when I was living in my car on the Southport Spit near where the proposed 'off-shore Cruise Ship Terminal' is proposed to be built). We also had a spat of low cost apartments built at Southport being the Commonwealth Games Village. Why not house our own homeless in low cost / low rent accommodation so that they can get back on their feet... perhaps with an old fashioned 'rent to own' agreement?

How about enforcing the law prohibiting foreign buyers who are not residents from buying and keeping empty houses and apartments, as 'back up plan' for if their own tyrannical governments may come after them, or otherwise?

How about some reciprocity? If we cannot buy property in Japan and China (as they are smart enough to ban it with us stupid enough to not have reciprocation), then why should we let them buy property here? If we reciprocated the ban, then they would either open up to us owning some of there, or there'd be a whole lot of cheap housing here when the deadline for them selling it arose. Surely some people will complain 'my house price will go down, so I won't be a 'on-paper millionaire', but society can grow from there & what is the point of having a million dollar house when to sell it and move will be into another million dollar house of similar kind? Surely banking needs reform, especially fractional reserve banking, lending money that doesn't exist, but being paid money back for it... with principal and interest > principal alone... aka the greatest pyramid scheme ever. That can take care of loans v house prices dropping.

Really, all Australians, of any colour, sex, political persuasion, etc. that wants to work should be able to afford to buy a house, to not have to beg to put a picture on the wall, invasive house inspections, etc. International Redistribution of Wealth scams – many in the forms of International Treaties, like the Lima Declaration, 'Climate Change redistributions', Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, etc. are also preventing that ideal.


CITY leaders believe the Gold Coast needs a new tourist attraction. The council is investigating the potential of a cableway in the hinterland. What is your stance on the project? If you are for it, what is your plan to work with the private sector on delivering it? What can you achieve with this project in the next term? Should it be in the National Park area like Springbrook, or other locations like Mount Tamborine? Do you preference. If against the project, what other suggestions do you have to revitalise struggling tourism in the hinterland?

If the idea is financially viable (noting my response to the Cruise Ship Terminal question), then the private sector can do the cost analysis, own, operate, finance and create it.

With the illegal lockdown in place, there isn't much point spending money on tourist attractions, sans tourists. I am challenging the illegal lockdown in Queensland, which many of you know has been before the courts since May. Unfortunately the Supreme Court won't deal with the matter until March next year – that is, if the case is not send directly to the High Court. I am the only Candidate making such a legal challenge.

I've been on the Kurranda & Blue Mountains cable-ways, I enjoyed them. The government should not be creating/subsidise it any more than they do any of the businesses in and around Surfers' Paradise.


The City Heart Taskforce recently convened a forum. This was about creating new opportunities during the COVID-19 restrictions. A key strategy was a 10-year sporting plan. This included building a boutique world class stadium for 5000 to 8000 people "at a location that is in the best interest of the city". Do you support this? Any ideas on a location? The plan is for another two stadiums both of 5000 capacity? Do we need three stadiums? What would you do as an MP to support this initiative?

If the idea is financially viable (noting my response to the Cruise Ship Terminal & Cable-way questions above), then the private sector can do the cost analysis, own, operate, finance and create it.

With the illegal lockdown in place, there isn't much point spending money on tourist attractions, sans tourists. I am challenging the illegal lockdown in Queensland, which many of you know has been before the courts since May. Unfortunately the Supreme Court won't deal with the matter until March next year – that is, if the case is not send directly to the High Court. I am the only Candidate making such a legal challenge.

Stadia and CoViD-19(84), like cruise liners and CoViD-19(84) are not good ideas – unless people come to terms with living with the virus, with natural herd immunity.

Standing up for you!

Truth and Freedom Report - Matt Rosengarten - commentary & interviewing Arjay Martin,
on his CoViD Directions / Lockdown / Mandatory Medicines court case (pending appeal).  

Please donate to the fund at Go Fund Me.  Thank you kindly:

TINLA 61: Queensland State Election Candidates Forum - 27 08 2020 - All parties that turned up to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, Broardwater PLUS all candidates for Surfers' Paradise that turned up (myself and Nelson Quinn). 

There is a long version with all of the Candidates (after I got there). 

Candidate Breakfast by the Gold Coast Central & Southern Chambers of Commerce.

Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter have all censored me - to various degrees.  

Here is JP Sears describing what it's like generally. 

Follow up interview on the Truth and Freedom Report - with Matt Rosengarten - covering the court case, and many other topics from fractional reserve banking, to Bill Heffernan's famous speech... from cashless society to the legality of CoViD Directions.

Past elections

To give you an idea of what I am about.
N.B. The phone numbers on the flyers are no longer mine.

From the 2019 Federal Election
(where I was endorsed by the Great Australian Party)

From the 2016 Federal Election (where I was an Independent).

Me Cartoonified!  A great Cartoon from the living legend that is Peter Lewis - Newcastle Herald.


Thank you kindly everyone for your support for the Election and all of my previous elections - Arjay Martin.


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