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From Previous Elections
that tells you more about me.

Thank you to the 976 (and counting) people who put their faith in me to search for my name, and give me their #1. I am told that many many people had me as #2, about 1/3 of Labor voters (Labor Preferenced me as Number 8), most Nationals voters had me as a number 3 (in line with How to Vote) and 4s.

I've already been asked if I will contest the election for the Seat of Hunter due to the invalidity of 2 of the Candidates... some 30% of the votes going to the two Constitutionally Prohibited (illegal) Candidates.

Having applied to the High Court of Australia for the Illegality of the 2013 Federal Election, Seat of Charlton, which the AEC illegally kept me out of; it would be very difficult to 'prove' that the illegality has 'effected the results' (depending on Semantics... I'd get many more %, so it would effect me, yet the argument would be 'Labor would have won it anyway' and therefore not win (if that argument / definition was accepted).

The HCA refused my submission, 3 years ago, at 3 different registries. It was the submitted to Parliament and then censored.  The illegality with my case, and with the WA Senate ballot papers, cost Ed Killesteyn his job.


Note that I've deleted many news articles about me from here for being too repetitive.

Flyer from my 2016 Campaign for the Seat of Hunter (where it turned out that, prima facie, I was the only eligible candidate).  The High Court of Australia claimed to not have jurisdiction outside of the Electoral Petition period, as per their (in my opinion incorrect) judgement in Alley v Gillespie where a simple Writ of Mandamus would solve the problem - forcing the referral of ineligible Parliamentarians.


Arjay Martin - 1 minute introduction video 


Morisset Candidates Forum - Seat of Hunter, 

Federal Election 2016

Hunter & Western Lake Macquarie - don't get tricked again!

Singleton Candidates Forum - Seat of Hunter, 
Federal Election 2016

I was the Number 1 most popular Candidate at the Forum at the end of the Morisset Candidates Forum.

I was even described by a gentleman in the audience, whom I'd never met previously, as having done more for the area than 4 out of 5 of the Candidates on stage.

I was also asked about, and explained, why it is illegal for Councillors Ruth Rogers and Cordelia Troy to even be Candidates, with Joel Fitzgibbon basically calling the Constitution 'old and ridiculous' - a document which is supposed to bind him, & protect us from the excesses of Government. Mind you, he is a Republican who swore an Oath of Allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors - which if not done means that the person is not allowed to be a Parliamentarian.  A Republican who inherited his Seat in Parliament from his father (essentially he is a mini-monarch).

People like my message, the problem is getting it out there, as no one who has never heard of me can know my message to begin with.

Even yesterday a Lady at the forum started chatting to my wife, and said that it is a pity that she already voted (so cannot vote for me this time around)... and that it was her first political forum she's ever attended. She was maybe in her 70s.

May you please watch the video, like it and this photo, share this web-address with your friends. 

Thank you, Arjay.

The event was filmed, and you can watch it on my Youtube Channel (or above with the Morisset Candidates Forum video button).

Arjay Martin

Party: Independent

Biography: Arjay grew up in the Hunter Valley, from Baerami and Muswellbrook to Wyee. He has been in a number of elections, always as an Independent, in order to get things done. Through his media coverage at election time, he has forced the Cameron Park Roundabout to be finally built (although the design isn't great and he preferred traffic lights) and Lake Macquarie City Council to get rate rise than they voted for, via popular opposition to the 90% and 70% Rate Rises for Business and Residents respectfully. The council won't be having a 'Buy Nothing New Month' again anytime soon.

Why voters should choose you: People should look up the websites of each Candidate and decide who would be best to represent them, then preference the Candidates in that order. I am a Constitutionalist; Government is to follow the law put in place to limit their absolute interference in people's private lives.

Two of the Candidates are prohibited by the Constitution from even being Candidates, and if either win there will be a High Court Challenge which ought to result in a By Election and penalties for those who made Declarations that they are Constitutionally Qualified. The reason is that they are sitting Councillors, who therefore hold Offices of Profit under the Crown. They are paid Income Taxable 'fees' for their service, in addition to their 'Allowances'.

Another Candidate has ruled the area for 20 Years, as the incumbent, after 12 years of his father (who was a nice fellow) being in power. As the Seat is Safe Labor, neither Labor nor the Coalition have incentive to allocate appropriate funding for the area as it is seen that it will always be Labor, no matter what. This time was scandal filled, don't forget.

Upgrade who you choose to Represent you, no matter your 'social status'.

Your stance on Republicanism: The real question for the 'Republican Referendum' was to replace the Preamble/Covering Clauses of our Constitution. There are reasons for this, including the removal of references to God, the binding nature of the Constitution, that it succeeds the current monarch, and that Australia is a Self-Governing Colony.We are a Constitutional Monarchy, the Monarch should appoint their own representative. Should the Monarch turn tyrannical, then I'll look at alternatives, until then we have many protections via the Monarchy; even if we've forgotten about the Reception of English Law, Bill of Rights and Magna Carta. We should be closer to Britain.

Your stance on same sex marriage: That is not for me to decide, we should have a referendum for the matter, and for many more. I support Citizen Initiated Referenda, which we should have a bunch of questions put to us each year. If someone gets enough supporters (whatever that number may be, maybe 10000, maybe more/less) then it should be debated in Parliament, if it receives a higher number (maybe 50000 maybe more) then it should go to the next referendum, and perhaps 1 is done per year. Both sides ('Yes' and 'no') fear losing, which is why they fear the citizens deciding the matter.

Your stance on the environment: We should look at doing more for the environment than just having the 'Climate Change' TM folks suck up all of the research budget. Although far away, we should remove the giant geyers of plastic whirling around our oceans (take the money out of Foreign Aid if need be, we shouldn't borrow money from overseas to donate overseas, then pay interest on it forever anyway). We should turn hydrocarbon based trash into oil/gas like was done early last Century, look at what Sweden does with their garbage (although we do not need heating to survive). Anti-Oceanic Seismic testing and CSG.


Arjay Martin
Outspoken Independent vows to help make Hunter a marginal seat

Jun 27, 2016 Gary Lysaght
Arjay Martin. Photo supplied by Arjay Martin
Party: IND
Electorate: Hunter
First Stood in this Electorate: 2016

With recent polling in the Hunter region of New South Wales suggesting an increase in support for minor parties and independents, along with a shift away from Labor and the Coalition, it’s not surprising that an independent candidate for Hunter, Arjay Martin, will be making this one of his strongest election campaigns yet.

He has tried and failed on a number of occasions to find his way into both state and federal politics, promising a no-nonsense representation and being accountable to no one but his constituents.

A central goal for Martin this election is making Hunter a marginal seat – just like neighbouring Paterson. 

“Safe seats … are disadvantaged seats, where nothing positive ever gets done as there is no incentive for the members [to] do any work, nor even the parties to have competent candidates,” he says.

But Martin’s biggest criticism of Australia’s political system is the way constituents fall for the “completely stupid ideas from the puppet masters of the party machinery”.  He says people living in the electorate should “be bothered to find out what their candidates stand for”. 

“We’ve had the same family ruling – as opposed to representing – the seat of Hunter for 32 years,” Martin says, referring to Joel Fitzgibbon and his father, Eric.  “Surely any great ideas from the family have run out in 32 years.”

Having grown up and lived his life in the Hunter, Martin feels he can easily understand people within the electorate, in both rural and urban areas.  “I’ve studied at Kurri Kurri TAFE … and Newcastle University,” he says. 

Having also gone to school in Muswellbrook and Kotara, Martin feels he knows the Hunter better than most.

When quizzed on mining and its future in the Hunter, Martin echoed the incumbent Fitzgibbon when he said we “should utilise our own resources and [add value] to them”. 

Martin also criticised government plans for renewable energy and the move away from coal by suggesting mining is more powerful and therefore more important than renewables.

“If alternative energy was so awesome, then it wouldn’t require government subsidiaries to make it profitable,” he says.

With two young children he has strong views about the controversial Safe School programs.  For Martin, the idea of bullying should come down to people being “decent to one another.

“Child grooming was a crime and something teachers told students to report to the police.  Now it seems that it is a part of the curriculum, soon to be made compulsory in every school,” he says.

Martin says it can be hard for people to understand independents because they “are individuals”.  “One independent doing something good/bad should not reflect on people’s perception of another unrelated independent,” he says.

Martin has never been a political representative at any level, but has a “vested interest in making Australia great again”. His no nonsense approach to politics might turn some people off. 

But as we’ve seen in the United States and Romania recently, more than a few people are starting to turn towards people that aren’t part of the ‘political machine’. 

And Arjay Martin is just that.


All but one candidate standing for the re-distributed federal seat of Hunter in the upcoming election paid a visit to Singleton on Thursday. Independent Cordeila Troy sent her apologies but everyone else cleared their busy schedules to attend the Business Chambers ‘Meet the Candidates’ forum at the Golf Club. While guests ate lunch each aspirant had a brief opportunity to introduce themselves and state their campaign goals. Although no introductions were needed for local Ruth Rogers, who is standing for the National party, and sitting member Joel Fitzgibbon, they both spoke passionately about representing the electorate. However, some other faces were not quite so familiar –independents John Harvey, Arjay Martin, John Warham, the greens Peter Morris and the Christian Democrats Richard Stretton.

Things got more interesting when emcee and radio personality, Stephen Cenatiempo opened the Q&A session with a question about job creation.  All agreed it was a priority but no specifics were articulated. Greens, Peter Morris was first cab off the rank and says Hunter can become a renewable energy hub. Mr Warham discussed the importance of putting in place “simple measures” like supporting small business, employing more apprentices and making sure school leavers have basic literacy and numeracy skills. In the same vein Mrs Rogers says we need to attract more small businesses to Singleton to create local jobs, invest in vocational training and look at developing other industries, especially tourism. Mr Stretton was adamant those in power have deliberately destroyed our manufacturing industry,and we must start to regain ground – his mantra, local people producing local products. Again saying many small businesses will serve our country better than relying on big corporations. Mr Fitzgibbon says private enterprise creates employment opportunities but governments can help lay the foundation, and this involves “getting out of they way and reducing regulatory burdens”, investing in infrastructure and increasing our skills base.

Mr Martin added free trade agreements are affecting our economy.  However, it was a comment from independent John Harvey that resonated with the crowd – the successful candidate must start working on this problem as soon as they take office.


Thank you kindly everyone for your support for the Election and all of my previous elections - Arjay Martin.

About Arjay


* Correction:  I was prevented from running in Charlton (Western Lake Macquarie and West Newcastle) in 2013, illegally, by the AEC.  It cost the Head Electoral Commissioner (there are actually 3 at one time) his job, along with the illegal happenings by the AEC in Western Australia.

Newcastle, Charlestown byelection 2014: Arjay Martin, independent for Charlestown
Oct. 21, 2014, 10 p.m.


AFTER this byelection, a member of the Opposition will have no more power than an independent. The Liberals control both houses of Parliament and legislate at will.

Times have changed, and so has the Labor Party. My great-great-grandfather was an ALP ‘‘big wig’’ in the 1940s and ’50s; back when it made sense for many to vote Labor, when the main candidates were actually ‘‘workers’’.

I admit, I’m saddened when people take their vote for granted. It’s one of the few choices we get to make in what is fast becoming a nanny state, where we need to seek permission for everything from big government, even when our choices don’t adversely affect others. Such complacency is reflected back on us with do-nothing representatives taking us for granted.

People often tell me they vote a particular way because their granddad did, or because the candidate is a woman, or has red hair. 

What we should be voting for are their policies, their real world knowledge, demonstrated commitment in other roles – in other words, their track record.

 We should also look for the negatives – lies and hypocrisy, demanding one thing from others and doing the opposite themselves.

Labor supporters: on changing your vote we will end up with better Labor candidates in the future. 

We will get a Labor candidate who focuses on one thing at a time, on one job at a time.

Then  we might get things done, such as Wyee’s sewer, and Cameron Park’s already paid-for roundabout.

I am concerned about what I perceive to be Labor inaccuracies in the past at state and federal level in representing its position in regard to a dredge for Swansea channel, and access to the National Broadband Network.

I find it hard to see how the current Labor candidate Jodie Harrison will always put the people of Charlestown first, as she says, when she is mayor of the whole of Lake Macquarie.

And I question Labor’s commitment to keep manufacturing in the Hunter. 

Voters should find out as much as they can about their candidates – read their brochures and websites, and stories about them.

Look how comprehensive their policies are, their apparent thought processes, or whether their press releases and websites are full of weasel words.

Beware of promises made by candidates whose party will not be in power after March. 

As independents cannot afford complacency voting, we have more incentive to serve you (as is meant to be)  through representation, consultation, information  and standing up for you.

Instead of a traditional vote for Labor, elect me as a caretaker until the proper election.

If I represent you well, keep me on; if not, fire me. 

It’s like a money-back guarantee. 

Don’t forget: it was NSW Labor who decided to cut the rail line into Newcastle, and privatise our electricity; now they claim to be against both.

I have ‘‘real world’’ experience, away from the ivory tower. 

I have worked for one of Australia’s largest research  companies and have been a small business owner.

My goal is to serve business people, workers, retirees, students and the unemployed all alike.

I will represent you all in an intelligent, informative and consultative manner, no matter your background.

Arjay Martin is a researcher, photographer and filmmaker who was previously an estimator and business consultant.

He is married with one child and has been on the Lake council’s Community Advisory Group. He will stand as an independent candidate for  Charlestown.

Newcastle, Charlestown byelection 2014: Suspected political attack on candidate Arjay Martin
Oct. 13, 2014, 10:30 p.m.

Arjay Martin has been the victim of suspected political attacks on his car.

A CASE of suspected political sabotage has struck the Charlestown byelection, with an independent candidate suffering four attacks on his car.

Arjay Martin, of Dudley, said two wing-mirrors on his car had been broken in separate incidents, someone kicked and dented his car and it was egged.

‘‘I think they’re scumbags,’’ Mr Martin said of the perpetrators, adding he had reported the incidents to police.

‘‘Every election time these things happen.’’

This is the third time Mr Martin has run in an election.

During past campaigns, he suffered  two slashed car tyres, a scratched car, two nails in tyres, a full garbage bin and two number plates stolen, a cracked car windscreen and about a dozen car eggings.

He said the attacks had cost him about $1500.

Political operators know where he lives, he said.

‘‘It is a terrible thing that independent candidates are forced to publish their address on electoral material once the writs have been issued.’’

Mr Martin said he was told post-office box numbers could not be used.

A NSW Electoral Commission spokesman said post-office box numbers would be accepted to protect privacy.

[Note the NSWEC was incorrect]
Garry • 

You've only got to look at which candidates posters are trashed to know who's responsible for the acts of vandalism that hit this region at election time.

Funny thing is I've never seen a Labor candidates posters defaced.


Looked long & hard for near 20 yrs & never seen a labor persons electoral posters trashed anywhere in the region.
Seen plenty of Libs & Ind signes ruined though.


Hmmm ... Arjay wants to legalise pot. Know anything about that?
Arjay Martin

  • Medical 'Pot' for Terminal and Chronic conditions... studies have shown anti-cancer fighting abilities, pain removal, etc.

    Prohibition didn't work for alcohol either - but led to Bonny and Clyde, the Gangsters, etc. It'd be better if people could go to Court about 'being ripped off bro', rather than shooting people (innocents caught in the cross fire).

Anthony Fry • 

Good to see somebody fighting for alternate medicine, this will scare the hell out of drug companies profits if Arjay can get these through, if you do get elected watch your back.

Independent candidate for Charlestown Arjay Martin's car attacked again
Oct. 22, 2014, 8:33 p.m.

Independent candidate for Charlestown Arjay Martin.

INDEPENDENT candidate Arjay Martin has suffered another attack on his car in the lead up to the Charlestown by-election.

The words “Vote 1 idiot” were scratched across the windscreen on Monday night while his car was parked on the street near his Dudley home.

He said the scratches “appeared to be an inch thick” and followed incidents earlier this month where two wing-mirrors were broken, his car was egged, and someone dented it.

“Someone’s obviously got up on the bonnet to write it,” Mr Martin said.

“I’d rather people combat me with words, rather than damaging my private property.”

He has reported the incident to police.

Attacks on the same car during previous campaigns cost him about $1500.

  • FedUp • 

    What type of low life scum would do that? My god I am beginning to hate living here.

  • mick •
    get rid of the car - catch a bus..

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Education: Charlestown candidates have their say

Oct. 20, 2014


"I’m for schools teaching life skills": Arjay Martin.

THIS byelection’s candidates cannot control Parliament. All have equal potential power.

I was studying dual teaching and science degrees when I was 17 years old, before changing to complete a business degree, and then finished TAFE.

I’m for schools teaching life skills such as first aid, budgeting and car maintenance, including the changing of lights, jump-starting, safe-driving skills, changing oil and tyres.

I’m also in favour of schools teaching constitutional law and making education more practical in the real world.

Educational institutions  need to increase student intake.

Course levels should  be based on ability and not age. For example, a 14-year-old might excel at year 10 mathematics, but be of year 7 English ability.

Why hold the student back in one and overly push in the other? That creates disillusionment and class disruption.

Roads and Transport: Charlestown candidates have their say
Oct. 19, 2014

NO byelection candidates will control parliament. All have equal potential power.

I’m for the elimination of transport bottlenecks and the duplication of Hillsborough and City roads.

I’m also for a new roundabout at Cameron Park, the one Labor promised yet never delivered.

I also want the potential of a lake ferry investigated, and I’m in favour of the Fassifern-Hexham rail bypass which would alleviate traffic problems at places like Adamstown.

I’m also in favour of increasing road speed limits where appropriate on the M1 and Charlestown bypass.

In regards to Newcastle’s rail line, its removal should be delayed until the parliamentary inquiry concludes.

I believe residential apartments could be built above the line, removing traffic delays and the division within Newcastle.

I’m also in favour of a Hunter Valley integrated transport system, and time-limited parking without the parking meters.

This would encourage shoppers and sightseers into Newcastle.

Health: Charlestown candidates have their say
Oct. 16, 2014


I’M for ‘‘medical marijuana’’ for terminal and chronic illness. Studies show THC induces apoptosis in cancerous cells, relieves pain and carchexia.

I also believe our genes should be removed from ‘‘patent-ability’’, and that sports and gyms should be tax-deductible.

Packaging should carry warnings about food additives: excito-neurotoxins, allegens, carcinogens, added hormones and GMO, endocrine disruptors. I believe ‘‘organic’’ products should be clearly defined.

I would also remove unlawful ‘‘medication without informed consent’’ – such as CSG, lithium and fluoride-doped water.

I want a valid study of ‘‘complimentary medicine’’ [section missing] such as aspirin, codeine, morphine, quinine, digitalis, Botox and Marinol while I’d investigate alternative medical models such as that in Singapore which is cheaper and better.

I’d also fund research into ‘‘exotic medicine’’ such as stealth-adapted viruses, bacterophages, chelation.

And I’d amend ‘‘wrongful/medical death’’ legislation.

Urban renewal: Charlestown candidates have their say
Oct. 15, 2014


 THIS election’s candidates won’t control parliament. All have equal potential power.

I’m for the delayed rail removal until after the parliamentary inquiry. I believe that cutting and covering the line is a good and cost-effective compromise (more residents, shoppers, commuters).

Don’t forget, the previous Labor government made the decision to cut the rail in the first place, and privatise our electricity.

I’d also replace paid on-street parking with time-limited parking and I’d enable empty office blocks to be converted into residences.

I’m also in favour of dredging Lake Macquarie, with dredge material removed and not just ‘‘dumped in the deeper bits’’. Remember that days before the last state election, Labor falsely claimed to have bought a dredge.

I’d also remove Lake Macquarie council’s ridiculous ‘‘2100 predicted sea-level rise caveats’’, and stop the ‘‘Buy Nothing New Month’’ scheme that’s happening now.

I’d also prevent future ‘‘special rates variations’’ which are driving employers broke. This in turn drives employees broke, creating a vicious cycle of workers lacking money to buy locally, as well as malnourishment and poor health.

Law and Order: Charlestown candidates have their say
Oct. 21, 2014


I’VE completed various law courses at Newcastle university. Law should be comprehensible, and reasonable with appropriate punishment for non-compliance. Laws should be simplified and if there’s no victim, there’s no crime.

We should also ensure the judiciary is sufficient in constitutional laws, and the reception of English law. 

We also need to restore free speech: non-defamatory speech, non-conspiratorial association, non-violent assembly, action that is not adverse to others, and whistle-blowing against government activities which are not life threatening.

We should also restore juries to all criminal proceedings.

I also believe police should be able to use personal cameras for law enforcement actions as it gathers evidence and reduces power abuse by bad apples. A police officer friend believes that this would help police and the public.

I am against unconstitutional private prisons. Crime shouldn’t be profitable.

Jobs and Industry: Charlestown candidates have their say
Oct. 22, 2014


 THIS election, candidates won’t control parliament. All have equal potential power.

Many job issues are governed by federal policy, however I’m in favour of removing Lima Agreement-type policies.

Government should buy locally. Why are Labor’s electoral flyers manufactured in Sydney?

I  favour importation equalisation tariffs (for example, products from countries without health and safety laws are unjustly much cheaper than local products) and  a ‘‘robotic equalisation tax’’ (supermarket self-serve checkouts are taking jobs from humans and record profits from us).

Red tape, tax and special rates variations also need to be reduced for business, we  need to stop selling our natural resources for peanuts and  ban foreign fly-in, fly-out workers – foreign-owned farms and CSG plants shouldn’t be using foreign workers at the expense of  locals. I favour a review of the 457 visa framework which I believe is being abused.

Environment: Charlestown candidates have their say
Oct. 17, 2014
THIS election’s candidates won’t control parliament. All have equal potential power.

I stand strongly against the seismic testing for petroleum products just off our coast which will decimate fishing.

I’m also against any coal seam gas operations in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie because of the toxins and impacts on the water table. The gasification of, or synthetic fuel from, extracted coal is a better option. If bombarded WWII Germany could do it, we can.

I also want to reduce excessive packaging – a giant bag of chips which is four-fifths empty equates to massive waste.

I also stand against the excessive use of fertiliser which results in eutrophication, algal blooms and deoxygenation, while I will also campaign for the removal of ‘‘added’’ environmental toxins such as fluoride and chlorine.

Broken asbestos sheets also need to be removed from homes, including all rentals.

I would also call for valid research into EM radiation from the likes of mobile phones, HV powerlines, smart meters, digital transmission and X-rays, and also into the removal of mercury from things like CF lights.

Arjay Martin, Independent candidate for the seat of Charlestown                                                           

Oct. 15, 2014


"I’m sick of lying, hypocritical politicians. I’ve lived in Adamstown Heights, Gateshead, Warners Bay, Charlestown, Cardiff and Dudley. With more than four years of council experience, I am well aware of the issues - many are decades old. I work for a research company and run Dream Bubble Media."

More readable version

Time ripe to find able middle man. 19 02 2015.  Newcastle Herald.
GIVEN Newcastle's history of two voting blocs, we should vote for a councillor in the middle to hold balance of power; or we will all suffer.

I will "swing vote" on council based on issues in your best interest; not on politics or bloc.

With the Labor-Greens coalition controlling council, their candidates' beneficial ideas should have already been implemented.

Maybe their byelection promises are impossible; or they're blackmailing you - "Vote X, or no goodies". Terrible.

I fought Lake Macquarie City Council's 2012 massive rate rise with my own money. I'm fighting Newcastle's now, but will be more effective from council.

Only economic vandals would sign the art gallery facelift pledge in these tough economic times; with massive debt, unfunded liabilities, infrastructure backlogs and IPART applications.

Only I refused the pledge.

I don't pander to special interest groups to "buy" votes.

We cannot afford it.

It's like a politician going to both pro- and anti-abortion rallies, and claiming to support both.

Who wants a councillor who ties their own hands?

For 6o years the poor have voted Labor and they are still poor.

To quote American astrophysicist and philosopher Neil deGrasse Tyson: "I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people's politics, rather than politics shaping what people think is true."

Arjay Martin, Independent candidate for Ward 3

Five stand for Ward 3 Seat.
Feb. 2015.
Star Newspaper.

Independent Arjay Martin will be familiar to those who voted in the 2014 state election, where he ran for the seat of Charlestown. In 2012 Mr Martin was nominated in the Lake Macquarie Australia Day Awards for Young Citizen of the Year, specifically for his work on the Lake Macquarie Youth Advisory Council and at The Place: Charlestown.  

Arjay Martin, Independent

NEWCASTLE City Council has two voting blocs, "left" and "right", so it makes no logical sense to vote for someone bound to either side.

Instead, vote for me to personally represent you, from the "middle"...a "swing voter" on the council.

As the Labor-Green coalition controls the council (with "casting vote") they could have implemented all of their "beneficial policies"; therefore they provide either: false promises of hope that they cannot possibly provide (or they would have already); or they blackmail your family with "goodies" only if you do as they command.

I run to give you real choice.

LETTERS: Floodgates open on policy, finally
Aug. 1, 2013

CANDIDATE: Arjay Martin.

I WRITE in relation to John Church's newfound policy on Lake Macquarie City Council's sea level rise notations on section 149 certificates ("Church vows to fight controversial flood notes", Lakes Mail, July 11).

It's about time you joined the cause, John. I have been vocally and publicly against the notations since the beginning (and predictions of the magical near three-metre sea level rise in 87 years time).

I was the only candidate besides Jim Sullivan that was in the Lake Macquarie mayoral election last year to speak out against such notations.

Maybe you could advise your Charlton candidate to follow in my, and now your, footsteps - then get the Liberal councillors finally on board, too.

Thanks in anticipation of doing so, but I won't hold my breath.

-Arjay Martin, Independent candidate for Charlton

NSW Election 2015: Charlestown candidates

March 23, 2015

Arjay Martin, Independent

Imagine a representative in Parliament who is consistent, competent, empathetic, intelligent, and has integrity. Imagine one who's government experienced, reasonable, balanced, takes you seriously, and never ever gives up on you or your family. Imagine having someone you can trust. With your help and support it can happen; with me, Arjay Martin, as your MP. I will deliver. The Liberals have overwhelmingly won this election according to polls. You will still get all of the "goodies" that the Liberal government promised, no matter who wins in Charlestown. The local office will have the same resources too.


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