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GAP Queensland Senate Candidate.


About Arjay - from 2015

Arjay is seeking to be Elected as Your Representative for the Seat of Charlestown.

Being committed to representing you, Arjay has previously ran in elections for the State Seat of Charlestown, for Mayor of Lake Macquarie, was unlawfully prevented from running in the 2013 Federal Election, and ran for Ward 3 of Newcastle City Council in 2015 [which overlaps the Charlestown Electorate]. He is committed to a Servant-Leader style of Representation – that Elected Officials, as Public Servants, are the subordinates of the people who they are elected to represent (in compliance with Constitutional Documents, Natural Laws, and allowing freedom of choice / action, so long as it does not take away the freedom of others).



Arjay states that he, as an Independent MP, has more motivation and more dedication to doing a great job, as he cannot rely on complacency with voters who vote for Party X solely 'because great grand-dad did', or because of the gender of the candidate. Your G-G-Grand-Dad voting for Party X, or Party Y, might well have made sense back then, but times have changed and so too have the Parties and Candidates.

Arjay declined to join MENSA in his teen years, & was a top student at a High School at Kotara High.  From the age of 17 he attended Newcastle University where he completed a third of Science & Teaching Double-Degrees, before switching to complete a Bachelor of Business Degree (Double-major, plus Economics & Law minors).  He also studied Management & Real Estate at Newcastle TAFE; and is now completing a Distance-Learning MBA equivalent via with the world's top universities, on a part time basis.

Mr Martin points out that it was Labor in Government which set up the Lower Hunter Strategy, Eastern Charlestown Corridor Intensification, Lifestyle 2030 plans / frameworks which the Whitebridge over-development actually complies with, made the decisions to cut Newcastle's Rail Line, and Privatise NSW's Electricity – all of which they now claim to be against.

Arjay, now in his 30s, lives in Dudley & has lived within the Charlestown Electorate for around 20 years. He works for Australia's largest Private Research Company, and runs his own film / photography business (Dream Bubble Media) along with his excellent wife, Janica, who will fully take over Dream Bubble, on Arjay's successful election.   He has a wonderful daughter named Evelina who is soon approaching 3. 

Mr Martin was, for 4 years for each, a Community Advisor for Lake Macquarie City Council's CAG, and also the Community Representative, Treasurer and Executive Board Member of The Place: Charlestown Youth & Community Centre.

Arjay successfully fought to keep Lake Macquarie's community fireworks which were going to be removed from 2012 on-wards, due to Police and Council Pressure (based on 'a lack of transport' and 'potential for crime since people are out late') when a part of the 2011 Lake Macquarie Australia Day Committee. He is fighting for sewer connection of local townships such as Wyee, where residents currently pay around $2500 extra for their sewage pump out and 'pump out licence'.

Arjay fought against the renaming of half of Speers Point to 'Lake Macquarie'; against the closing of Main Road, Boolaroo; & fights against the Lake Macquarie '2100 Sea-Level Rise' caveats on personal property, and Lake Macquarie's Special Rates Variations (Rate Rises above the Rate-Peg) - which is now being replicated in Newcastle City Council.  Arjay also fought against Newcastle's Massive Rate Rise during his Ward 3 Election.  He points out that he will be much more successful if elected as your State Representative. 

Arjay is also against the waste of tax-payer's money and believes that those in charge of spending should follow a fiduciary philosophy. This waste of 'other people's money' (and other factors) motivates the government to 'tax by stealth' with inflation & unreasonably fines for trivial matters - just like a true O. P. M. (Opium) Addiction.

Arjay has a particular interest in Law, Government, & Health Reform, and believes that the government should stop unreasonably interfering in people's personal lives - whilst better representing, consulting, informing, and standing up for all electors – even against the Government itself. He believes that we lack representation & a say in how we are governed due to having 'invisible politicians', who seemingly seek power in order to enrich themselves at our expense, & represent their Parties rather than us - the people. Arjay is seeking to be a Statesman, rather than a Politician.

Mr Martin believes that people have been disillusioned with politics, over the last few decades, due to a system which has unconstitutionally dis-empowered them, discouraged political participation; encourages meaningless platitudes of 'sound bites' over substance, and allows for false promises to remain unfulfilled. This is especially so in the Cities of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle (e.g. the still missing Cameron Park Roundabout, & Whitebridge over-development).   Arjay's Great Grandfather was a Labor Party boss, around the 1940s and 50s, when it better represented worker and business interests, instead of 'just taking care of No.1'.

Finally, Arjay invites you to find out more about each Candidate by attending debates, reading about them in the media, and especially by visiting their respective websites. Look for who has the the most comprehensive policies, that are not filled with 'weasel-words', and their consistency and track records. Whomever is voted in, Arjay hopes that the Public keep themselves informed and vote intelligently, based on substance, not on superficial criteria, so that we end up with a better class of MPs.


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