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About Arjay Martin

Get a feel of what Arjay has to offer you, after all, he is applying to become your servant.  

Many public servants forget that they are just that, servants, Arjay does not however.

Read his views on the state of the economy, jobs, education, the constitution, legal system, government interference into people's private lives, government frivolity in this land, etc.

- Our Home - Our Australia.  

We have the potential to be even greater than we already are. 

I know that we can make Australia Absolutely Awesome (coined years before Trump's Make America Great Again :-p), but only if we have certain philosophical change within the government.

We should remove the philosophy of government that encourages waste, too much & too complicated legislation and over-regulation, creating division and derision within our population, meddling with people's private lives for the sake of exercising power, as well as that of apparently destroying our culture / heritage in order to replace it with another.

What Arjay believes in

Despite not even being able to well-administer Australia, the government has been busy telling everyone else how to live their lives.

The government claims to decide whatever is in everyone's best interest...  that humans are too fallible, yet the government is made up of humans... how are their decisions any better than people on deciding things themselves?  Surely those with a vested interest in the decisions, and who pay for it, tend to make better decisions than those that do not.

I am utterly against the current and illegal CoViD Directions, restrictions, Lockdown & mandatory medications including CoViD Vaccine, and is fighting them in the courts.  You can help by make a donation to the legal fund that appears on the home page, or following this link:

I believe that there are some things that Government should do, and others that they should not be doing.  With Constitutional Democracy and Rule of Law, the Government itself is lawfully bound by Natural Laws & valid constitutional documents.  

In this current day and age, I believe that the Government has 'gone too far' in interfering with people's personal lives. 

People should be allowed to make choices for themselves; so long as they do not negatively interfere with the free choice of others.  Some people would consider me a fiscally conservative / responsible 'centrist' in my political thinking.  

Other people might just think I am an idiot (or add any other insult), but bullies are entitled to think what they like, and express that publicly (I am for Free Speech, after all) bearing in mind defamation / libel / slander laws.  ;-)

Unfortunately many people have been slandering me of late, fearing that I am taking away votes from their political parties.  That is terrible in itself, but also terrible for society, which should be about co-operation - not supression of those that disagree with you - or even those that do have policy over-lap but see that as a bigger threat to their own electoral performance than their real rivals.


The Australian Constitution is the legal framework for the Federal Government.  If the government works outside of the powers that were granted, that means that they are breaking the law.  If the Constitution is followed, it removes most of the costly over duplication, and means that the government would then be lawful. 

The Federal Government should transfer the resources and personnel from their Ultra Vires Federal Departments such as the Federal Education and Federal Health Departments (which have massive bureaucracies yet don't deliver on the ground services... For instance, the Federal Health Departments have managers galore, yet no doctors and nurses delivering health services to the States / Territories. Fixing this issue addresses a large part of the 'Verticle Fiscal Imbalance'.
- Arjay Martin.


I believe that we lack representation & having a say in how we are governed due to having 'invisible politicians', who seemingly only appear around elections, then disappear seek power in order to enrich themselves at our expense, & represent their Parties rather than us - the people. Arjay is seeking to be a Statesman, rather than a Politician.

I believe that people have been disillusioned with politics, over the last few decades, due to: 
*        a system which has unconstitutionally dis-empowered them, 
*        discouraged political participation, 
*        encourages meaningless platitudes of 'sound bites' over substance, 
*        taken away all hope, 

*        operate like this, Party X says 'we will give $1,000,000,000 for X', so Party Y trumps them by adding a dollars to make it $1,000,000,001, &

*        political parties and candidates making false promises, with no consequences for them remain unfulfilled (lying and getting away with it).

I am seeking to be Elected as Your Representative for the Queensland Parliamentary Seat of Surfer's Paradise.

Being committed to representing you, I am committed to a Servant-Leader style of Representation – that Elected Officials, as Public Servants, are the subordinates of the people who they are elected to represent (in compliance with Constitutional Documents, Natural Laws, and allowing freedom of choice / action, so long as it does not take away the freedom of others - i.e. the 'No Harm Principal').
As the leader of a new political party, I has more motivation and more dedication to doing a great job than the big parties. 

This is shown by the following logic: he cannot rely on complacency with voters who vote for Party X solely 'because great grand-dad did', or because of the gender of the candidate.  

Your great-great-great-grand-dad voting for Party X, or Party Y, might well have made sense back then, but times have changed and so too have the environment, economy, parties and candidates. 

My own great-grand-father was a Labor Party boss, around the 1940s and 50s, when it better represented worker and business interests, instead of 'just taking care of No.1'.

I lives on the Gold Coast, moving from NSW nearly 4 years ago.   


I was a top student at a High School & declined to join MENSA in his teen years (after IQ testing).  

From the age of 17 I attended Newcastle University where he completed a third of Science & Teaching Double-Degrees, before switching to complete a Bachelor of Business Degree (double-majoring in marketing and electronic business, plus economics & law minors).  He also studied Management & Real Estate at Newcastle TAFE, started a Distance-Learning MBA equivalent via a world leading universities until dropping it as it was too similar to his already completed Bachelor of Business.

I am also a Juris Doctor (Bond University) and I am completing his Practical Legal Training, unfortunately this has been much delayed by the corrupt and illegal CoViD Lockdown - and associated legal case.

This isn't all said to 'impress' you, but it does impress me.


I have previously worked for many years with Australia's largest private research company, Roy Morgan Research, and ran his own film / photography business, and has held a range of jobs before that.  These include as an estimator, car park manager (he doesn't like the principal of paying for parking though), community service worker (basically a nurse for folks with acquired brain injuries and other disabilities), carer, and at a radio station.

Significantly, I had around 4 years at each of the following as: 
*    a Community Advisor for Lake Macquarie City Council's CAG (basically like a Councillor), and 

*   the Community Representative, Treasurer and Executive Board Member of The Place: Charlestown Youth & Community Centre.

I successfully fought many battles within the community, but since it was mainly around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, in New South Wales, I will omit much of them here as the election is for Queensland.   

This did result in a round-about being built at a place where there was more than one car accident per day, and fighting against 'climate change sea-level cavaets' on people's homes (based on now provenly false modelling), and against the top level rate rises in Lake Macquarie (and fought against the same in Newcastle City Council which wasn't successfulm but still).

I'm against the waste of tax-payer's money and believes that those in charge of spending should follow a fiduciary philosophy. This waste of 'other people's money' (and other factors) motivates the government to 'tax by stealth' with inflation & unreasonably fines for trivial matters - just like a true O. P. M. (Opium) Addiction.

Interests & Volunteering

I have a particular interest in Law, Government, & Health Reform, and believes that the government should stop unreasonably interfering in people's personal lives - whilst better representing, consulting, informing, and standing up for all electors – even against the Government itself.

I have been involved with a number of volunteering organisations, such as Kiwanis' Circle K Club, St John Ambulance, NSW Marine Rescue; being extremely time-poor at the moment has meant that my volunteering efforts have had to be cut down to next-to-nothing.  I do encourage volunteerism and can give you contact details for joining such organisations, if you'd like to share in helping other people.

Maybe you can volunteer to help me to help yourself?  Please sign up as a RESET Parliament member today.

Personal habits

I do not 'smoke', and only 'drink' very occasionally and not to excess, but it is not my 'divine right' to dictate to everyone else what they can and cannot do (so long as it is not adversely affecting other's to a great degree).  I do not appreciate our so-called Representatives doing that very thing.

"Why?" and "Why bother?" are questions that I am asked occasionally.  

The truth of the matter is that I am not crazy, nor a particular 'glutton for punishment' but I feel compelled to help others, particularly those that are not in a position to help themselves - giving a hand up so that people can be self sufficient.  

Over the last few years in politics I have built up a profile and reputation for consistency.  I've done this by saying what I mean, meaning what I say, and 'sticking to my guns'.  

In the famous words of the short-lived US President JFK, in his inaugural address back in '61, 'Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country'.  

I like many political quotes, but in many ways I'm forced to use US expressions, since Australia doesn't seem to have all that many poignant sayings by politicians, probably due to a lack of leadership. 

I encourage individualism and freedom of choice, so long as it is not adversely affecting other's to a great degree, and property rights.  This is in return for individual responsibility.


Now that I've informed you about who I am; feel free to introduce yourself (in a concise fashion) & I would like YOU to tell ME what problems exist and suggestions you recommend.  Please send it to (attachments not accepted).

Please feel free to submit comments and your thoughts on news-worthy items / memes via the 

contact form and you might be published on here, if you so desire.  

Finally, I invites you to find out more about each Candidate by attending debates, reading about them in the media, and especially by visiting their respective websites. 

Look for who has the the most comprehensive policies, that are not filled with 'weasel-words', and their consistency and track records.  

RESET Parliament candidates have their own policies, I have many dozens pointed out on this webpage.  They are not 'pie-in-the-sky' things either.

Whomever is voted in, I hope that the public keep themselves informed and vote intelligently, based on substance, not on superficial criteria, so that we end up with a better class of MPs.

Thank you kindly,
Arjay Martin.


Thank you for taking the time to peruse the pages and see what you discover. 

Cheers,  Arjay Martin.