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So who the Heck is Arjay?

Find information from, & commentary about Arjay Martin, The Great Australian Party Queensland Senate Candidate. 

Read his views on the state of the economy, jobs, education, the constitution, legal system, government interference into people's private lives, government frivolity in this land, etc.


- Our Home - Our Australia.  

We have the potential to be even greater than we already are. 

I know that we can make Australia Absolutely Awesome (coined years before Trump's Make America Great Again :-p ), but only if we have certain philosophical change within the government.

We should remove those philosophies of pro-government waste, too much & too complicated legislation and (over-)regulation, creating division and derision within our population, meddling with people's private lives for the sake of exercising power, as well as that of apparently destroying our culture / heritage in order to replace it with another.

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A little information about me:

Contact Details:

E-mail me at:

They've deleted 4 of my accounts in 4 weeks, two after the close of nominations.  2 for sharing a video questioning the official narrative of the Christchurch Massacre with a question of asking people what they think, one for sharing a screen shot of the Wikipedia list of Queensland Senate Candidates, and one for sharing the link to this cool GAP video with a 'call to arms' to please support myself and other GAP Candidates.

I have lodged formal Government Complaints, via the ACCC & various Anti-Discrimination Boards, over this blatant discrimination. 

It seems that the real reason they are banning me is because I started having a political impact on there, with around 10,000 unique friends across the accounts, an a growing liberty based Facebook group on there that was started in January or February.  Someone trying to help me out by communicating on my behalf cannot even share links to this website on Facebook!  

A problem is that the complaints take a minimum of 28 days to be processed - which is after the election.

I believe that there are some things that Government should do, and others that they should not be doing.  With Constitutional Democracy and Rule of Law, the Government itself is lawfully bound by Natural Laws & valid constitutional documents.  

In this current day and age, I believe that the Government has 'gone too far' in interfering with people's personal lives. 

People should be allowed to make choices for themselves; so long as they do not negatively interfere with the free choice of others.  Some people would consider me a fiscally conservative / responsible 'centrist' in my political thinking.  

Other people might just think me an idiot (or add any other insult), but bullies are entitled to think what they like, and express that publicly (I am for Free Speech, after all) bearing in mind defamation / libel / slander laws.  ;-) 

I am currently studying a for a Juris Doctorate at a Queensland university.  

I previously worked for Australia's largest private research firm, ran my own photography / film making and marketing businesses.

I have worked in the media, as an estimator, in healthcare and was a labourer in a grocery store.  

I also completed full terms as Executive Board Member (Treasurer) and community representative of The Place: Charlestown Youth and Community Service; and as a Community Representative for a Council's Community Advisory Group.  

I have been involved with a number of volunteering organisations, such as Kiwanis' Circle K Club, St John Ambulance, NSW Marine Rescue; being extremely time-poor at the moment has meant that my volunteering efforts have had to be cut down to next-to-nothing.  I do encourage volunteerism and can give you contact details for joining such organisations, if you'd like to share in helping other people.

I would like YOU to tell ME what problems exist and suggestions you recommend - please send me an E-mail to

At 17 years old I started studying Double Degrees (Science and Teaching) for a year, before changing to, and completing a Bachelor of Business Degree.  

Since then I've completed various TAFE qualifications in Management, real estate, and graphic design.

I am now undertaking my Juris Doctor Degree.

This isn't all said to 'impress' you, but it does impress me.

Despite not even being able to well-administer Australia, the government has been busy telling everyone else how to live their lives.

The government claims to decide whatever is in everyone's best interest...  that humans are too fallible, yet the government is made up of humans... how are their decisions any better than people on deciding things themselves?  Surely those with a vested interest in the decisions, and who pay for it, tend to make better decisions than those that do not.

I do not 'smoke', and only 'drink' very occasionally and not to excess, but it is not my 'divine right' to dictate to everyone else what they can and cannot do (so long as it is not adversely affecting other's to a great degree).  I do not appreciate our so-called Representatives doing that very thing.

"Why?" and "Why bother?" are questions that I am asked on occasion.  The truth of the matter is that I am not crazy, nor a particular 'glutton for punishment'... you can read more about why within my personal website.  

Over the last few years in politics I have built up a bit of a profile, and reputation for consistency by saying what I mean, meaning what I say, and 'sticking to my guns'.  

In the famous words of the short-lived US President JFK, in his inaugural address back in '61, 'Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country'.  

In many ways I'm forced to use US expressions, since Australia doesn't seem to have all that many poignant sayings by politicians, probably due to a lack of leadership. 

I encourage individualism and freedom of choice (so long as it is not adversely affecting other's to a great degree), and property rights.  This is in return for individual responsibility.

Now that I've informed you about who I am; feel free to introduce yourself (in a concise fashion) and send it to (attachments not accepted).

Thank you for taking the time to peruse the pages and see what you discover. 

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Cheers,  Arjay Martin.


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