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So who the Heck is Arjay, and where is the Charlestown Electorate?

Find information from, & commentary about Arjay Martin, Independent Candidate for Charlestown, and his views on the state of the economy, jobs, education, the Legal System, government interference into people's private lives, and government frivolity in this land.


- Our Home - Our Australia.  

We have the potential to be even greater than we already are.  I would not permanently live elsewhere, although it is nice to visit some other places.  

I know that we can make Australia Absolutely Awesome, but only if we alter some certain philosophies change within the government, those of Government Waste, too much & too complicated Legislation and Over-Regulation, creating division and derision within our population, meddling with people's private lives for the sake of exercising power, as well as that of apparently destroying our culture / heritage in order to replace it with another.

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I believe that there are some things that Government should do, and others that they should not be doing.  With Constitutional Democracy and Rule of Law, the Government itself is lawfully bound by Natural Laws, Valid Constitutional Documents.  In the current day and age, I believe that the Government has 'gone too far' in interfering with people's personal lives.  

People should be allowed to make choices for themselves; so long as they do not negatively interfere with the free choice of others.  Some people would consider me a fiscally conservative / responsible 'Centrist' in my political thinking.  Other people might just think me an idiot (or add any other insult), but bullies are entitled to think what they like, and express that publicly (I am for Free Speech, after all) bearing in mind defamation/ libel/ slander laws.  ;-) 

I work for a living.  I work for Australia's largest private research firm, and run my own photography / film making business.  Besides this I still occasionally do business consultancy.  I am the former Treasurer and Executive Board Member of The Place: Charlestown Youth and Community Service, and former Board Member and Community Representative on the Lake Macquarie City Council Community Advisory Group.  

I have been involved with a number of volunteering organisations, such as Kiwanis' Circle K Club, St John Ambulance, NSW Marine Rescue; being extremely time-poor at the moment has meant that my volunteering efforts have had to be cut down to next-to-nothing.  I do encourage volunteer-ism and can give you contact details for joining such organisations, if you'd like to share in helping other people.

Within the Charlestown Electorate I have lived in Adamstown Heights, Cardiff South, Charlestown, Dudley, Gateshead, Warner's Bay; I currently live in Dudley.  I have friends spread out within the Electorate so am well aware of other problems such as the need for road duplication, drainage problems, dangerous roads, etc.

Having lived in various places within the electorate, I have experienced a lot of the local issues at hand.  I still would like YOU to tell ME what problems exist and suggestions you recommend - please send me an E-mail to

I 'aimed high' when I went to school in Kotara (Kotara High students will get the in-joke)... so High in Year 10 that I was the Dux.  I took the first Quarter of Year 12 off - as my family went on a holiday to Britain with a friend Emailing my school work to me for self-study - around the first day back I had a science examination and scored 98.5%!  How 'nerdy', I know - but that is a good thing.  Anyway, a few months later my dad died, yet despite this I did well in the HSC.  Then at the age of 17 I started at Newcastle University - where I studied Double Degrees (Science and Teaching) for a year, before changing to and completing a Bachelor of Business Degree.  Since then I've studied at Newcastle TAFE, and my latest qualification is a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)... I am not a 'Developer' though; whatever a 'Developer' is in its ill defined state, nor am I a Real Estate Agent.  I am currently undertaking an Master of Business Administration equivalent in a Part Time capacity.  This isn't said to 'impress' you, but it does impress me.

Despite not even being able to well-administer the state, nor state electorates, the government has been busy telling everyone else how to live their lives, even to the point of banning the sale of incandescent light globes, electric hot water systems, etc.  It also concerns me that other issues such as the Labor Government trying to legislate putting $5000 'bio-metric' thumb-print scanners on all poker machines.  What next?  Finger-print scanners to buy cigarettes, alcohol, to enter government buildings and pubs?  Banning BBQs as they emit too much CO2?  Completely banning alcohol, and cigarettes as 'the government has decided that it is in everyone's best interest'?  I do not 'smoke', and only 'drink' very occasionally and not to excess, but it is not my Divine Right to dictate to everyone else what they can and cannot do (so long as it is not adversely affecting other's to a great degree), nor do I appreciate our so-called Representatives doing that very thing.

Not being in a Party, I am not forced to adhere to party lines and policies (even voting for really stupid ones).  If I were to be voted in, I would vote on what is best for the people (and amend nearly worth-while bills to be what is best for the people), as opposed to back-room wheeling and dealing to get my own self-aggrandising legislation passed.  

I am self-funding my own election campaign, as per usual, although welcome 'no-strings-attached' donations.

"Why?" and "Why bother?" are questions that I am asked on occasion.  The truth of the matter is that I am not crazy, 'nor a particular glutton for punishment'... you can read more about 'why?' elsewhere on here.  

Over the last few years in politics I have built up a bit of a profile, and reputation for consistency by saying what I mean, meaning what I say, and 'sticking to my guns'.  In the famous words of the short-lived US President JFK, in his inaugural address back in '61, 'Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country'.  In many ways I'm forced to use US expressions, since Australia doesn't seem to have all that many poignant sayings by politicians due to a lack of leadership. 

I encourage individualism and freedom of choice (so long as it is not adversely affecting other's to a great degree), and property rights.  This is in return for individual responsibility.

I expect that my two cars will suffer vandalism again this election, as with other elections, unfortunately.  Luckily I've not upgraded cars in a while...

Now that I've informed you about who I am; feel free to introduce yourself (in a concise fashion) and send it to (attachments not accepted).

Thank you for taking the time to peruse the pages and see what you discover. 

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Cheers,  Arjay Martin.