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Australia is generally a wonderful land - with generally wonderful people - and some 'Rat-Bags' thrown in to keep life 'interesting'. 

We do however have many problems that would do 'the world of good' to fix or reduce.  

Australia is losing its way.  Australian's once lived in a bastion of freedom, one where individuals were allowed to 'call their own shots' with choosing to live their personal lives as they saw fit, so long as it was not to the detriment of others; that is, freedom so long as it does not take away the freedom of others.

However, the government now works outside of its legal scope and framework, outside of the Constitution, which is there to limit the power of the Government to ensure individual liberty for all Australians.

As John Adams said, 'Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other'.

It seems obvious even to 'Blind Freddy' that all levels of our government are currently unreasonably interfering with our private lives with 'social engineering' and 'moulding the public' near the top of their Agendas. 

We have a silent crisis of a lack of choice in our political representation, and have politicians too interested in representing their own interests at the expense of the People. Short term thinking reigns.

Whether you blame the Median Voter Theorem - that the Parties and their politicians wish to be perceived as 'normal', and to appeal to the Median Voter - to claim those undecided votes of the middle persons who will pick the 'winning team' based on the Electoral Pendulum.

Another silent crisis we share is that of multiple deficits:

We have a
Fiscal Deficit: where we are borrowing money, at great expense, from other countries where we are also sending those same countries billions of dollars in foreign aid, countries much richer and more powerful than our own (e.g. China);

Then there comes the
Trade Deficit: where Australia is being eaten away. That is even the case when the measures are biased to improve the appearance of things. Foreign Investment as one example, is a 'bonus' when foreign capital comes in to create new businesses that otherwise wouldn't exist, employing Australians, spending money locally, and bringing new technologies. It is no advantage for Australia to sell existing profitable businesses and farms to overseas interests who are then actively encouraged to bring in 'cheap labour' from their own countries to sell Australia's resources overseas at no profit to save themselves from paying us tax... sending the profits, wages, and taxes overseas;

There is a
Leadership Deficit: where our so-called leaders lack vision, lack the ability to follow the rules that they force upon others, and the most note-worthy contribution that the government has created in terms of infrastructure in many decades has been the Snowy River Hydro-Scheme. Both the former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and the Opposition Leader, Anthony 'Tony' Abbott, are currently (last time I checked) being investigated for, or going to court for, alleged electoral fraud with illicit 'slush funds' having been set up and used as political weapons.

Further Deficits include that of a lack of work, since we flog off our resources for 'peanuts' to overseas instead of utilising themselves in Value-Adding Chains of Manufacture; and either that a lack of competence in many of our politicians has existed for a long time? - or  alternatively - a lack of morals where they are set to destroy Australia from within on purpose?  

I would hope that it is the former, not the later...

As Harry Browne said,
' The Government is good at one thing: 
It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, "See. if it weren't for the Government, you wouldn't be able to walk".'


- Arjay Martin