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Arjay Martin - lead Great Australian Party Senate Candidate
for the glorious State of Queensland.

Just some of my awesome Army Group South!  What brilliant people.  I am very privileged & humbled by their presence, help and friendship. 

All volunteering their time to fight for what's right, to Restore the Commonwealth!  Please join us - join the fight - do the right thing by yourselves, your family, & your people.  The Great Australian Party, Qld Senate, volunteers Group 1: Brisbane, Queensland: 04 May, 2019.

More readable version of Arjay Martin - GAP Senate Candidate for Queensland - flyer side A:

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More readable version of Arjay Martin - The Great Australian Party's Senate Candidate for Queensland - flyer side B:

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Me Cartoonified!  A great Cartoon from the living legend that is Peter Lewis - Newcastle Herald.

Arjay is focusing on problems, including:

International Trade Deals and Treaties, such as:

the bad choices of Australia to borrow money from overseas, to pay to overseas in foreign aid (with added interest); eliminating 'Lima' type Agreements which have the stated aim of 'the international redistribution of wealth', i.e. purposefully destroying jobs in Australia to send them overseas in order to give foreign countries more wealth; and points out that 'Free Trade' TM, is not Fair Trade, as we have products dumped into Australia that do not have the same compliance & overhead costs that Australian businesses have... such as superannuation costs, insurance costs, safety measures, environmental standards, etc.  

Arjay believes that we should have a country by country Importation Equalisation Tax to make up for these, and that foreign workers should not be able to be brought into Australia under their home countries work conditions and pay.  Arjay also believes in reciprocity, Australians are not allowed to purchase a single square foot of land in Japan or China, until that changes then they should not be able to purchase any land in Australia.

Infrastructure Issues, such as:

preventing the destruction of Liddell and Bayswater Power Stations which are scheduled to be closed and asset stripped within the next few years.  There should be both a shipping terminal & a container terminal port without having to pay a rival container port (Botany Bay) any money per container loaded/unloaded in Newcastle; we have 'vertical fiscal imbalance' in Australia (the Federal Government makes the money, the State Governments and Council provide the services), this needs to be addressed with the Federal Government needing to empower the Service Providers and not dictate to them that they must provide services that they cannot get the money for.

Law Reform, such as:

The Australian Constitution is the legal framework for the Federal Government.  If the government works outside of the powers that were granted, that means that they are breaking the law.  If the Constitution is followed, it removes most of the costly over duplication, and means that the government would then be lawful.  The Federal Government should transfer the resources and personnel from their Ultra Vires Federal Departments such as the Federal Education and Federal Health Departments (which have massive bureaucracies yet don't deliver on the ground services... e.g. managers galore yet no doctors and nurses delivering health services) to the States. This addresses a large part of the Fiscal Imbalance.

And the Economy, such as:

Using New South Wales's Hunter Valley as an example.  They make 20% of the State's Revenue, has 10% of the State's Population, yet only receives 5% of the State's Spending.  This occurred due in a large part to having Safe Seats, with no incentive for 'either Party' to spend money in the area at a State or Federal Level.  The Seat of Hunter is a safe Labor Seat, where the majority of voters (up until now) have voted for whatever candidates have been put forward by Labor - no matter spying scandals or thuggery, so they have no reason to provide finite money to people who will vote for them no matter who or what the Candidate is.  Likewise, Liberal Governments do not want Labor voters to be comfortable in safe Labor Seats, as that is just 'rewarding the enemy'. Both Liberal and Labor Governments have a huge incentive to provide extra resources in the area if either an Independent is elected (think of Tony Windsor and the NBN Fiber to the Home internet) or if it is a marginal seat with them trying to 'buy votes'.

We should not have a 'back packer tax' and should remove much of the unnecessary red tape. Multinationals generating revenue in Australia should pay tax in Australia.

See more polices here: Policies


From the 2016 Federal Election (where I was an Independent).

Flyer from my 2016 Campaign for the Seat of Hunter (where it turned out that, prima facie, I was the only eligible candidate).  The High Court of Australia claimed to not have jurisdiction outside of the Electoral Petition period, as per their (in my opinion incorrect) judgement in Alley v Gillespie where a simple Writ of Mandamus would solve the problem - forcing the referral of ineligible Parliamentarians.


Thank you kindly everyone for your support for the Election and all of my previous elections - Arjay Martin.


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