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Welcome everyone to my website.  

Thank you for taking the time to peruse the pages and see what you discover. 

I hope that you may find parts of it Hilarious, Comforting, Outrageous, Intriguing, Interesting, Helpful, Entertaining, Confronting, Sociable, Awesome, and Educational.  

Find information, commentary, videos and even jokes on Australian Election News. 

I welcome your feedback, comments, corrections, and if possible your help through donating either time, money, or both.  It is a very time - consuming & expensive pursuit being an Independent Candidate in any government election.  I've spent my own money before on elections, and will this time around too, but it'd be nice to have some further support.

This is a website primarily for supporting the efforts for the Election of Arjay Martin - Independent Candidate for Charlestown - for the next State Election.  

Of course you do not need to live in here to use this site.

The Election is to be held on the 25th of October, 2014. 

I've found that my biggest challenge is getting my message out there  with very limited resources, although I do it efficiently considering how much money is spent in spreading the word.  

Even plonk my little banner advertisements on your Facebook Page with the link back to this site - the more aware of all of the Candidates the more chance we have of getting a better representatives for our Parliament.

That being said, I've found that many, many people are very supportive of me when they find out about me.  in 2012 I received nearly three-and-a-half thousand first-preference formal-votes; now isn't that a mouthful?

Please feel free to submit comments and your thoughts on News-Worthy items via the contact form and you might be published on here, if you so desire.  

- Arjay Martin. 


Thank You For Your Time - Arjay.