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LETTERS: Floodgates open on policy, finally

By ARJAY MARTIN Aug. 1, 2013
  • CANDIDATE: Arjay Martin.

I WRITE in relation to John Church's new found policy on Lake Macquarie City Council's sea level rise notations on section 149 certificates ("Church vows to fight controversial flood notes", Lakes Mail, July 11).

It's about time you joined the cause, John. I have been vocally and publicly against the notations since the beginning (and predictions of the magical near three-metre sea level rise in 87 years time).

I was the only candidate besides Jim Sullivan that was in the Lake Macquarie mayoral election last year to speak out against such notations.

Maybe you could advise your Charlton candidate to follow in my, and now your, footsteps - then get the Liberal councillors finally on board, too.

Thanks in anticipation of doing so, but I won't hold my breath.

-Arjay Martin, Independent candidate for Charlton


Newcastle Herald:
LETTER: Retirement welcomed

By ARJAY MARTIN July 1, 2013

WHY have the people of Charlton (namely Western Lake Macquarie) been abandoned by former minister Greg Combet, just because of a tiff within the Labor Party? 

The latest chapter in the saga of  ‘‘party politics’’ showed that it is indeed possible for these adults to act even more like children outside of Parliament, than they do inside question time. 

It also helps turn people even more away from taking an active interest in the running of   Australia.

Recently Greg Combet was joking about ‘‘retiring’’, to a group of ‘‘senior citizens’’; I say ‘‘Let’s help Greg Retire’’, he does have a lovely mansion in Newcastle to retire to, and a massive government pension so he probably won’t mind that much.  

Arjay Martin

N.B. this was submitted before Greg I. Combet decided to retire - I posted a similar comment online a few days before that too (Lakes Mail).

Newcastle Herald:
Decade of helping kids learn

By MATT CARR Jan. 21, 2013 

  • VISIONARY: Melinda Brown celebrates last night after she was announced Lake Macquarie Citizen of the Year. Picture: Simone De Peak

AUSTRALIA Day began early for Melinda Brown  when she was named the Lake Macquarie Citizen of the Year.

Ms Brown was one of several honorees at a council ceremony last night, claiming the award for her commitment to numeracy and literacy.

She has spent more than a decade supporting children in 40 schools as part of the Moolobinbah Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and the West Wallsend Homework Centre.

Ms Brown said last night the honour was an unexpected delight.

‘‘It’s a great achievement to be recognised,’’ she said.

‘‘You don’t really recognise how much you have done until someone tells you.’’

Ms Brown said she planned to extend her community work, potentially bringing sport to the elderly.

Other winners named at last night’s ceremony included Lake Macquarie Youth Advisory Council members Arjay Martin and Andreena Kardamis (Young Citizens of the Year) and Volunteers of the Year Denise Heath and Frank Allen.

Lakes Mail:  Arjay Martin.

Sept. 26, 2012

So long and thanks for all the votes 

A BIG thank you to all of the 3424 voters who put me as their first preference for mayor of Lake Macquarie, and to my flyer deliverers and helpers on the day.

It is great that you hold me in your confidence and I promise to do better next time around. 

Thanks also to the Lakes Mail for including me in your news coverage.

- Arjay Martin, Independent Lake Macquarie mayoral candidate

Newcastle Herald:  JACQUI JONES

Crews work to contain Dudley fire Sept. 24, 2012

I lived at Dudley at the time and saw 'fern shaped' leaves of ash...

Motorists have been warned to avoid the Dudley and Redhead areas if possible after a large grass fire today.

All of Redhead Road from White Cap Place, Redhead, to Ocean Street, Dudley, has been closed, while Oakdale Road is closed at Bulls Garden Road, Gateshead. 

Dudley Road was closed in both directions after a large grass fire in Dudley today.

Roads and Maritime Services have urged motorists to exercise caution and allow extra travel time due to the amount of smoke in the area.  

The road is closed between Ocean Street and Redhead Road.

Containment lines were being established and aerial bombing has begun in an attempt to control the fire.  Fire and Rescue NSW said no evacuations were required at this time. Property owners have been warned to prepare.  The Rural Fire Service said it had carried out a door knock in the area as some properties were at risk.

The large fire is burning in the Awabakal nature reserve between Dudley and Redhead.

It was deemed to be an out-of-control scrub fire, covering about 36 hectares.

Multiple fire crews have been attending the fire, which this morning threatened the southernmost house near the end of Ocean Street on Dudley Bluff.

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Arjay Martin
11 months ago  Ash is raining down in Dudley...