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On Poor Decision Making & Legislating Us To Death

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The next statement is glaringly obvious, yet apparently forgotten by many of those elected and unelected to Government,

"Sound information is required for sound decisions to be made" 

The government is too reliant on trending consultants from 'Think Tanks', as well as, unrealistic computer models – that over their short time span have proved to be inaccurate and thusly providing false information, resulting in poor decision making, preparation and planning, all of which are adversely effecting all Australians, and will continue to do so for a very long time. 

Much of this may well be due to following bureaucrats & consultants pushing their own biased agenda, but it is not realistic to believe that there are not politicians who on their own accord are actively making decisions, policies, and plans to the obvious detriment of the citizens of this otherwise wonderful country.

 All of the above and a great deal more such as apparent  government neglect, economic and legislative issues, and many needless obstacles being put up apparently for the sadistic pleasures of megalomaniacs, and other power-hungry fools is what 'got me into politics' – that things are not in good order - 

 Those that put in a great deal of mental and / or physical effort through work, setting up businesses, creating Products and jobs are hampered and penalised in their pursuits... that Legislation in this land is too needlessly complicated and too voluminous... that no one can possibly know if they are breaking laws or not for all but the most obvious crimes, including Judges and the politicians who allegedly draft their own Legislation.  This creates an artificial demand for many services, such as Legal, Accounting, Financial Planning, etc.  

As Alexander Hamilton said, 'It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or under-go such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow.'

These Laws are choked with Loop Holes and Exclusions, and Exclusions to those Exclusions, so that anyone, any where, and at any time may either 'get out of trouble', or be 'plunged into doom', hence the complexities of these Tomes, even for simple issues.

Back in 1995, the Office for Parliamentary Council stated:
'For many years, the income tax law has been criticised as being too difficult to read and understand... the Income Tax Assessment Act... introduced in 1936, it was only 126 pages long. It was quite logically arranged and its sections were numbered in simple sequence.  Now the tax law is over 5,000 pages long, and it has been heavily amended. The sheer volume of amendments has overloaded the numbering system, so now we have strange section numbers like 159GZZZZA. Adding so much new law to the Act has also interfered with what was once a logical arrangement of the sections. It is very difficult to find your way around the Act, and very easy to get lost and confused.'  

-  Building the New Tax Law, Information Paper No. 2, April 1995

I've been informed that as of 2011, that Federal Taxation Legislation runs into some 13, 000 pages long - that's right, Thirteen Thousand Pages - and around 9, 500, 000 words - NINE-AND-A-HALF-MILLION-WORDS!  How could this have even been read or comprehended?  Is there a data base on everyone that they can gaol you for not doing 'their will', because back in 1963, or 2003, you didn't declare to the tax office that you purchased a stick of chewing-gum and declare it to the government with a 1.3 cent surcharge?  

With what has come out in the U. S. A. on their Domestic-Spying-Program it wouldn't surprise me one iota.

For the fun of comparison - a quick Goggling of 'how many words are in the King James Bible?', that is of both the Old and New Testaments, reveals that there are 788, 258 words, of which 28364 of them are the word 'and', 28269 are 'the', 21257 are 'of', 12044 are 'that', are 11683 'to', and 11285 are the word 'in'!

How many Legislators and Bureaucrats have had the time to fully read the Bible (and then comprehend the meaning and consequences of the combined interpretations thereof), despite perhaps political claims otherwise if asked, let along over 12 Times The Length of that!  How many of the rest of us have either? 

That is just the one lot of legislation out of thousands on the books, and hundreds going through Parliament each year!

Is this any surprise when many of our 'top legislators' were lawyers at some stage of their lives - even if only in a Union or as a Staffer for a previous Member of Parliament / Senator / equivalent?  Giving Jobs to the Boys in a much less obvious way...  

As statistics on the website of The Parliament of Australia (which shouldn't even be called that without a Double Majority Referendum responding in the positive to change it, by the way):


In 1901 there were 28 Bills Presented to the House of Representatives (Federal / Commonwealth Parliament), with 31 Parliamentary Sitting Weeks, resulting in 17 Acts.

In 2012 there were 210 Bills Presented to the House of Representatives (Federal / Commonwealth Parliament), with a mere 17 Parliamentary Sitting Weeks, resulting in 206 Acts. &

If those in government are Passing Laws and Regulations that they could never possibly have read - before or after making them Law - then isn't that Negligence (Nonfeasance), Misfeasance, AND Malfeasance of Duty???

As Tacitus said, 'Now bills were passed, not only for national objects, but for individual cases; laws were most numerous when the Commonwealth was most corrupt', & 

'The more numerous the Laws, the more corrupt the Government'

- Arjay Martin