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In 1986 there were 

5, 528 Petitions presented to the House of Representatives, a part of the Parliament of the Commonwealth ('Federal Parliament'), 

with an unlisted number of signatures.

By 2000 we were down to 

289 Petitions presented to the House of Representatives, 

with 1, 411, 278 signatures.

Last year, 2012, there were a measly 

120 Petitions presented to the House of Representatives, 

with 241, 587 signatures*.

We could ask the questions of 'What The Heck Are We Paying 'Them' For?', or 'What Do 'They' Even Do?' in our complacent Two-Party system... with the Parliament having nearly half the Sitting Weeks in 2012, compared to 1901 (as shown on another page)... 

or we can do something about it.  

It would seem a fair statement to claim that Our country is being wiped out - culturally, economically, infrastructurally - or we can do something about it.  I choose to do both :-)

"We Shall NOT Be Ignored"


Please fill in this petition to get Wyee a sewer system.  One that they should have had many decades ago!


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