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52 Things That I Am For And Against; In No Particular Order.

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17/03/2015  It has been noticed that when looking at the '52 Points' [Policy] page via mobile phone, the double columned table has gone to a single column and does not make sense in that format.  I have removed the 'Mobile Optimised' version of the website in the hope that that will resolve the issue.  If not.  Please note that the Points starting with numbers are things that I generally support, and those starting with letters are generally those things that I do not support.  The computer version has different coloured font to further clarify this.  Note the explanations if something doesn't make sense to you, as it might say something like 'I'm against XYZ based on YZX, and in place of this we could have ABC'.

Imagine a Representative in Parliament who is consistent, competent, empathetic, intelligent, & with integrity.  Imagine one who’s government experienced, reasonable, balanced, takes you seriously, & never-ever gives up on you or your family.  Imagine having someone you can trust.  With your help & support it can happen; with me, Arjay Martin, as your MP.  


I will deliver: The Liberals have overwhelmingly won this election according to Polls.  You will still get all of 'the goodies' that the Liberal Government promised, no matter who wins in Charlestown.  The local office will have the same resources too.


Please note that the Liberal Party is destroying Labor in the Polls [NSW State Government] - and unless they do something very stupid between now and the next 2 weeks, they will also be 'in Government' until 2019.  A Member of the Opposition will have no more power than an Independent - yet the Independent has more incentive to serve the people - and more commitment to doing so than someone who is serving as Councillor, Mayor, State Member, and in many other roles.  A Jack of All Trades - is Master of None... or 'a kid with a magnifying glass that won't stay still, having a lack of single-minded focus - will not be able to start a fire'.  


The Mayor, Jodie Harrison, really disappoints me in her lack of commitment shown to the good people of Lake Macquarie, lack of integrity, hypocrisy, and her betrayal of trust (e.g. Where is Cameron Park's Roundabout?  Jodie's '#1 Promise for North Ward - where she has been a Councillor for 7 years, Mayor for 3, and a State MP for 6 months).

How about electing me for the next 4 years - if I am as useless an [a full ashtray on a motor bike - then vote me out in March - if I do a great job (and I intend to), then vote me back in so that I can continue to provide you with the representation, guidance, and support that you so desire - & most probably have lacked for a long time; fair?

I also encourage you, and implore you, to check out the competition's webpages to seek further information out for yourself about them.  I'm certain that you will agree that my site has had the most fore-thought and effort put into it, so that you can make an informed choice, & that that is a great start.  So I'd like to welcome you here, 'Welcome'.

I could add more to the below - but I might as well publish it as a book then.


Some people have asked for a summary since they don't want to spend too long looking through thousands of words in the Policies / 52 Points Section, so here is a little bit of a list as well:


Work:  Local Value-adding / Government Procurement, Import Equalisation tax, cutting unreasonable red-tape, lower indirect employment costs, Newcastle Container Terminal->jobs, Pro-Business & Pro-People, Diversify;

Culture:  Preserving our language, heritage, historic buildings, cemeteries, galleries, arts & museums; Education: Teach relevant skills without the social-engineering, life skills, different strokes for different folks;

Transport:  Integrated Hunter Transport with Demand Management Systems, Hub & Spoke / Loop bus system, shared pedestrian / bike paths, Road Duplication (City Rd, Hillsborough Rd, etc.), eliminate 'bottlenecks' Fassifern-Hexham Rail by-pass -> reduce rail crossing delays (Adamstown in particular), increasing speed limits where appropriate, provide more clean and safe transport options that get people to where they need - fast;

Labelling Reform:  Country of origin clarity, local product percentages, company ownership, GMO & GMO-fed animal clarity, allergen, endocrine-disruptor, neuro-toxin, carcinogen notices, Free-Range & 'Organic' legal clarification;

Law Reform:  Jury trials for all criminal cases (we had them in 1833 & meant to have now; too many cases means we are over governed and over penalised for things that do not adversely affect others), Constitutional Law, Revive Burden of Proof / Bill of Rights / Magna Carta, simplification & reduction in volume of law (clear law helps compliance & reduces injustice), proportionate sentencing – e.g. stop having murders and rapists get 3 years in gaol & others get 15 years for non-crimes, Establish Child Crime Registry, Medical Cannabis, ban water doping, profit-making fines is not justice, No Victim No Crime, Jury Nullification, Natural & Common Law. 

Health Research: 'Exotic' Medicine, e.g. Stealth Adapted Virsuses, Neurogenic/logic disease, Ebola, randomised testing for pathogens in imported food-stuffs [not just for chemical pesticide levels as is currently done].


Things I am in favour of:

Things I'm against:

1.  A mixed-market economy:

-  I believe in the value of a mixed-market type economy - one that has both 'Free-Market' and 'Government' (AKA 'Control') elements.  I do however believe that the Government has been illegitimately and unreasonably interfering in everyone's private / every day lives - in many ways.  Some examples of this include: warrant-less searches, warrant-less capture of electronic data, persecuting journalists such as Julian Assange - who merely reported the information sent to him by legitimate whistle blowers of illegal activities by governments who are meant to be bound by law - within the Rule of Law.  It is not as if the government finds it difficult go issue itself a warrant - with the consciousness of a Magistrate or Judge offering at least a minor protection against abuse.  Then there are fining people for all manner of things as 'crimes' that do not adversely affect others, such as 'not finding one's physical licence within roughly 90 seconds (it fell between the seat and centre console) of an unlawful road stoppage - where there were no 'reasonable suspicion' / 'reasonable grounds' that a crime had been committed, etc. (a true story that I was unfortunate enough to be a victim of - the police evidence was a false statement that I allegedly told him that I did not have my licence - and 'not recalling' anything)... what ever happened to the requirements of Innocent Until Proven Guilty, and a Guilty Verdict being based on a Body of Crime, Mens Rea and Actus Reus (a crime having been committed, with the person committing it consciously doing the action of committing the crime and with criminal intend / a guilty mind)?    

I believe that business people, workers, and non-workers should be, and must be, represented and not set at each other's throats.

2.  Fixing Transport Bottlenecks:

-  Such as City Road (Pacific Highway), Newcastle; Cary St, Toronto; Toronto Road, Woodrising; and the M1 Motorway (I guess that since it is no longer a Free-way - then in a few year we will have to directly pay to use it).  This also extends to  the Fassifern to Hexham Rail-Transport By-Pass, if feasible, and implementing a 'cut and cover' style solution for Newcastle's Rail Corridor now that enough doubt has been raised over the 'rip up the tracks' option via the ICAC scandal.  A difficulty Newcastle CBD has is that of being on a peninsular with a tiny residential population to warrant utilising the train.  It has many other problems such as a separate ticketing system for different modes of public transport, the insidious disease of parking meters in place of reasonable timed parking, the advent of the 'everything is there' convenience of suburban shopping centres,  the unattractiveness of abandoned buildings and landlords trying to charge more rent than the market is prepared to bare, etc.   David Jones was holding on in the hope of a CBD revival - driven by many new apartment blocks that just didn't come to fruition.  I am for maintaining the historic character of the CBD, a view to the Cathedral, 'low-rise', etc.  I however do not want the City to look historic as in a dead museum-piece of a ghost town.  It should be of a living-history - not a dead one.


-  Note, the Baird Government has finally come on board and allocated funding for the Hillsborough Road Duplication, months after I made it an issue.

3.  Building 'low-rise' apartments & car parking to accommodate these new residents, as well as other users, on the 'covered' part of 'cut and cover':

-  This will increase the population of the 'out of the way' peninsular, & make business premises' and train patronage higher; as will the new Courts and University Precinct  - which just goes to show how stupid it really is to cut the rail line which will cost around twice as much, for a lose of facility, than 'Cut and Cover' - which will add to the utility of the land, and is a good middle-ground to leaving the rail line as is, and removing it completely.

4.  An investigation into the T4 Coal Terminal:

-  Despite selling our raw material resources for a pittance, and buying them back at massively inflated 'value-added' prices - whereas we should be utilizing and 'value-adding' as much as we can before trading items over-seas... enough doubt has been created that the Government can claim the full 1% Section 94 Contribution that should never have been discounted in the first place.

5.  The abolition of new road tolls:

-  We've all hopefully heard of the State Government closing roads down in order to force motorists to use private Toll-ways in Sydney and elsewhere - particularly under the previous Labor State Government.  What many of us don't know about is the fact that there is already serious talk behind the scenes for compulsory GPS Tracking systems in cars - linked with new taxation on a per kilometre driven system.

6.  Implementation of a Hunter Valley Public Transport Commission:

-  Integrating public transport planning and operations in a way that is non-competitive amongst the modes of public transport, but are complimentary and convenient for the customers.  This may involve a hub-and-spoke type system, where appropriate, and a Demand Management system utilising the likes of mini-buses for time-slots where there are only a passenger or two in a 45 minute bus trip - for instance.  I have publicly suggested this (mini-bus, Demand Management and Hub and Spoke System) for a number of years.  It does not 'save the environment' to have a massive bus carting around a single passenger in a round-about fashion from say Newcastle to Swansea.  The Friday / Saturday late-night bus time-table should also be implemented, or a similar one, on Wednesday / Student Nights.  These late night buses would do well to have a security guard on each, or under-cover police travelling on them in a random fashion.

7.  The abolition of 'spiking' town water supplies with 'medications':

-  This dreadful practise is illegal, non-lawful,  and against Common Law, Natural Law, Medical Law, and International Law (including the Nuremberg Principles) .  Such issues include the lack of informed consent, lack of any consent, lack of dosage control, lack of reasonable control of what enters your body, etc.  People who want Fluoride for their teeth, look no further than your tooth paste for apply that topical, not systemic, medicine.  People on Health Care Cards are able to obtain fluoridated toothpaste for free via a number of channels (and if they do not brush their teeth - then their teeth are probably not in great health due to that.  Not only is water fluoridation the issue (does your lawn, fruit and veggies, and fish genuinely need fluoride too?), and an expensive one at that, but it is BANNED in the E.U. which includes Finland - who supposedly has the best teeth in the world.  I have a reverse osmosis water system that takes most of the additives, toxins and pathogens ('gunk') out of the water, yet most people cannot reasonably afford these systems that cost a couple of thousand dollars for 'cheap ones'.  Like removing much of the salt as a seasoning from soup... it is easier to add more to suit, than to remove it.  There are other medications that keep being brought up by government for adding to the drinking supply, including anti-depressants such as 'Lithium'/'SSRIs'/'etc'.  Again, this represents unreasonable government interference in people's lives.

8.  The investigation of environmental health concerns:

-  Such as the effects of excessive excito-toxins in our food, such as aspartame (now being linked to creating diabetes), endocrine-disruptors, & so called 'flavour enhancers' such as MSG; to Electro-Magnetic Radiation from mobile phones, high-voltage power-lines, wind farms and 'smart metering' devices, maybe they are non-harmful, maybe they are - we will never know if we blindly accept without questioning with valid testing methodologies.  Anecdotal evidence from the likes of Dr Charlie Teo, a well respected Neuro-Surgeon, is that mobile phones may well cause brain tumours.  There are also cocktails of artificial hormones and medications in our water ways after passing through human and other animals' bodies.

9.  Wyee should have a sewer:

-  Sure, it is outside of the Charlestown Electorate, but this is supposed to be the 21st Century in Australia - a 1st World Country.  The people of Wyee are forced to pay over $2000 extra per year on 'effluent removal' and a 'pump out licence' on top of that.  There was recently a meeting on Wyong Shire Council claiming Wyee, Morriset, and surrounds from Lake Macquarie City Council.  Amazingly the letters to Wyee Residents informing them of the Community Forum on the topic were delivered 'by accident' AFTER the meeting - which seems like a deliberate ploy by LMCC to deliberately skew the 'Community Consultation' in their favour.  Another meeting was later held - after the momentum had departed, and media interest dropped.

10.  Food Labelling Reform:

-  'What is 'Free Range''?, 'what is 'organic''?  These things are poorly defined.  Can something be Genetically Modified (excluding via merely selective breeding) and be 'organic', since no chemicals were directly sprayed upon it?  What about if dirty water from a Chinese Canal which is filled with toxins is used to water it, on adulterated Australian Water?  These things should be clearly defined, in a manner that accurately reflects what Community Expectations are.  If GMO crops, once eaten, may (and do) alter DNA of the consumer, then GMO feed beef should be labelled as GMO Feed Beef; if a drink of guava. papaya and apple juices, contains GMO fruit in it - then it ought to be labelled as GMO Juice; if 'Yeast Extract' is a simple way of getting around using the term 'MSG' - then that should be removed from usage as being misleading too, as should '100% Chicken Breast Nuggets / Tenders' - which contain 50% chicken and the bulk of the rest being 'cheap and nasty' fillers such as 'hydrolysed vegetable protein' - which is usually another code word for 'Soy' or 'Tofu'.  If most 'vegetable oil' is 'palm kennel oil' and people have a think against rain-forests being cleared in South East Asia - then they should be able to make an informed choice; if Cotton Seed oil creates infertility (which it does, as I was taught at Newcastle University) then it should not be used in cooking; not soy bean oil - which is labelled with phyto-oestrogen and linked to various cancers such as Breast  & Prostate Cancers.  Other examples include artificial hormones being added to 'livestock', permeate being added to milk, nasty artificial sweeteners such as lead-acetate, 'sugar-free' being used to describe 'man-made' sugars, tap water added to juice concentrates, etc.   The terms are purposefully deceitful and ultimately mean that there is less food in our food - We are being ripped-off!


Note:  This was my policy for over 4 years, before the recent Onion, Berry, and other foodstuff outbreaks.

11.  There should be clear and visible logos on packaging informing people of major allergens and neuro-toxic artificial sweeteners and 'flavour enhances'; as well as relevant 'food treatments':

- Scientific research (peer-reviewed and published in top scientific and medical journals) has recently found a causal link between artificial sweeteners and diabetes - that 'SUGAR FREE' SWEETENERS CAUSE DIABETES - as just one example, here is a link to a study published in the Journal Nature.  Relevant Food treatments can include X-Ray (radiation for looking for contaminates, e.g. peanuts), Irradiation (for killing pathogens, e.g. so those many weeks since picked strawberries look brand new), Bromination / Iodination / Fluoridation (Halides used for killing pathogens, e.g. allegedly of all imported fresh fruit and vegetables; and in the case of Fluoride - for mineral displacement in teeth to make them 'harder'), 'weird stuff' such as injecting eggs, adding Omega 3 oil to milk, etc.  If food is to be labelled Pasteurised (heated to kill bacteria/denature protein/destroy enzymes) then surely consumers should be informed of more radical treatments.  People should be able to make an informed choice. 

12.  Clarity of Country of Origin for products, including food:

-  People should be able to make quick and accurate decisions.  There should be compulsory labelling of foreign produced, made, and / or owned products (including a flag with a percentage content on the box) to allow Australians to support local businesses, should they choose too, or to not support 'off-shoring' of products, 'on-shoring of workers', or even boycott certain nations' products 'if it floats their boat'.

13.  Packaging should not have 'excessive' 'air space' around products; if you open a bag of chips and the air takes up 75% of the packaging then that is wasteful and 'excessive.

14.  Legally, and lawfully, so long as we remain a Constitutional Monarchy, the Monarch should choose her / his own Representatives in the form of Governors and Governor-Generals:

-  This is opposed to the modern 'convention' of the "Government of the Day" - i.e. Labor Party or Liberal Party Executives choosing their own 'master' / 'boss'.  They even go so far as to write the speeches for said Governors.  Further down the Rabbit-Hole - the Governors are supposed to be there to protect us from bad laws, and the Queen or King of the day as a further protection - and the final protection before things get escalated to Civil War -  Hopefully that would never occur in Australia, BTW, but the Monarch does have an extremely valuable and important role, Constitutionally, to provide peace, good governance, and stability to our 'wide brown land'.  How the system works now, the Governor, or Governor General gets a giant volume of legislation, doesn't bother to read it (as the politicians who voted in favour of it likewise didn't), and stamps & signs it.  Imagine if everyone could go to their boss and the boss automatically signs anything presented to her / him?  Competing demands, harmful claims, 'no worries mate'! Yes, it really is that convoluted. 

15.  Electoral Reform:

-  The electoral system is 'rigged' in many ways - this is discussed later in this website and includes - safety risks for Independent Candidates who are forced to print their physical address on Electoral Material distributed within the Electoral Period - Parties just stick the address of their HQ (feel free to read what happens to my property each election time, the last two things being 2 side mirrors of my car being smashed off on separate occasions); Electoral funding requirements including the 4% threshold, a vote of 4% in Upper House returning all nomination deposits from the group and funding all members of the group to the extent of the 'government funded NSW State Elections', unspent money being donated by Party Members to their Party - yet Independents must donate it to charity, etc.; the removal of 'the secret ballot' with Independents having to spend weeks / months collecting intimate private details of 'electors' from the area, which then goes to the government, and poses multiple security risks to nominators if the Candidate is not legitimate - this contrasts with Party Candidates that need a mere Nomination from someone in the Party HQ which is not even an Elector for the election contested; the 'winner-takes-all' system within electoral areas makes it so that around 1/2 of the electors go represented as the winner 'represents his / her party - not the people... some solutions include levelling the playing field to ensure that the best quality Candidates are able to run, with the ability to win on merit, removing 'above the line voting' (which will cut down those seeking election to the 'Upper House' / 'House of Review' / 'Legislative Council' in Council, State and Federal Elections to roughly 1/2 or less and eliminate many of the idiotic parties such as 'Coke in The Bubbles', 'The Rock N Roll Party', 'The Monster Raving Looney Party', etc), removing group affiliations from Ballot Papers to encourage people to at least look up who is running for where - or alternatively a little Candidate generated reminder of what they stand for on the ballot paper (character limited).  'How to Vote Cards' should be renamed to what they really are, 'Suggested Voting' flyers, with one from each Candidate (Lower House) being attached to each Ballot Screen - attached in the order of the ballot draw - with heavy penalties for defacing/removing them.  This will cut down on the literally hundreds of thousands of 'How To Votes' being distributed in each electoral seat - and helps level the playing field to base electoral chances more in favour of merit - rather than money.  

This will also reduce voters from being harassed, including from over-zealous Candidates; an example of which was at the 2012 Mayoral / Council Election, at Edgeworth's Main Polling booth... when multiple people were complaining to each other, as well as to me, for Jodie Harrison forcedly grabbing each person's hand that reached for a 'How to Vote' to shake it.  A poignant comment came from someone asking me if they'll get sick from (indirectly and without their consent) shaking 2000 hands! 

16.  Electoral Advertising Reform: 

-  As with the above, particularly for NSW State Elections - which are so-called 'Government Funded', each nominated Candidate should get a double sided page, or two, in a 'voting booklet' to advertise.  The order should be determined by the Ballot Paper draw order and the front of the booklet should describe, in a simplified form, how voting is conducted, clear up common misconceptions (such as that of 'How to Vote Cards' being merely a suggestion - not the only way to validly /'formally' vote for their chosen Candidate, and that preferencing is not automatically distributed - apart from in 'above the line' voting, why we have 'single transferable votes' due to mischievous vote-splitting via Parties / Candidates setting up false opposition themselves in order to kill off the competition, etc.), a brief & accurate history of our system of government / voting timeline / etc.  This booklet should be printed and distributed at cost to the NSW State Government, in place of paying for a proportion of Candidates' Electoral Expenses which costs tax-payers somewhere between $250, 000 to $1, 000, 000 per electorate - depending on the competition... more for By-Elections as there is an increased Funding Cap.  Even if there were a series of 3 booklets printed and distributed per Contested Electorate, then the cost might be $100, 000 compared to the above quarter-of-a-million to over one-million dollars.  It is quicker and easier to find Electoral Pay-outs for Australian Federal Elections - which was over $58, 000, 000 for the last Federal Election.  However, the above is a reasonable estimate based on NSW Electoral Funding Caps.

17.  Bring back the Constitutionally Guaranteed Protection of Jury Trials:

-  Undo the false re definition of 'indictment' (which is really an accusation of a crime - and therefore akin to a 'Notice to Appear' / 'Court Attendance Notice' / 'Summons' for an alleged criminal act).  Everyone is inherently bias - based on culture (or lack there of), education (or lack there of), wealth (or lack there of), morals (or lack there of), etc.  That is why since before The Magna Carta 1215, Jury trials have existed - besides the political interference and using the Courts as a weapon, etc.  It is also why Star Chambers were forever banned and we forever received the Bill of Rights 1688/89, etc.  There are people who otherwise stand to gain, including some of the 'judiciary' and 'government' who claim that these things are not applicable in Australia.  I can truthfully state that they are - and are fully in force (but ignored) in Australia. Australia received Britain's law firstly as a colony, then via the Australian Courts Act 1828 (Reception of English Law), the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865. The Australian Constitution (believe it or not), then so on and so forth - I could list more things - but it will take up so much space, and besides maybe someone wants to debate me on it ;-)  Those that know better, who lie to claim that this isn't true, are obviously being deceitful - maybe due to them disagreeing with some of the Rights confirmed to forever exist.  Of course they may claim that their job title supersedes the actual law; yet not in a Rule of Law / Common Law Country (in theory, but sadly not so much in practice).  There should also be, along with the Jury System, Jury Nullification of bad laws - that is, there might be a ridiculous law, that a person might be guilty of, or with a ridiculously harsh penalty, but the Jury sees that the person goes free without penalty / punishment - or for a lesser crime or punishment.  

An example where this could be used is if say when Britain was looking for a way to force emigration from there to 'her' newly won colonies and was sentencing 'everyone to death' (so to speak) commuting their sentences to 'transportation' to Australia - if the convict agreed.  Hey - it was better than death by execution, or on the 'Prison Hulks' in the River Thames.  Anyway, one example was a lady / woman sentenced to death for stealing a watch, she decided to come to Australia instead.  Others were sentenced likewise for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving family, etc.

Sure the Courts will fill up, since people might 'believe' that they have more of a free trial for not having to pay that parking ticket they received literally just after the council changed the sign over - and things will take longer - including for the Government to get more stealth tax... but that just goes to show how ridiculous some of our literally millions of pages of legislation is.  The Colony of New South Wales in 1833 had compulsory Jury Trials for all criminal cases (which probably including all of Continental Australia, minus what would become Western Australia, but included New Zealand)... why can't we?

18.  The Government should reduce the complexity, volume, and absurdity of Law:

-  There should be a restoration of Common Law, a reduction in 'pseudo-law' such as 'Rules' and 'Regulations', which far outweigh that of Statute Law by more than two to one - yet are not passed by Parliament, but are written up on behalf of 'Directors' of 'Statutory / Government Bodies'... again, there is the accountability issue.  

What good are laws if each day we all break 50 of them without knowing, without intent, and the laws being completely or partially ridiculous?

19.  Appropriate Criminal Sentencing:

-  There should be clear rules and laws, based on what is socially and morally acceptable, and a 'no victim no crime' mentality.  These should have clear Rewards and Punishments, with rightfully proportionate sentencing based on the severity of the crime (or valour of the deed for rewards).  There should not be cases of people doing minor infractions being punished in law more than those raping, torturing, infant molesting, murdering 'nasty sods' (to put it nicely).

20.  Government Procurement should include as much local content as possible, bearing in mind factors of quality, job, & reasonable extra costs for local content.


21.  The Legalisation of 'Medical Marijuana' / 'Medicinal Cannabis' for Terminal and the management of Chronic Illness:

-  If you are dying from cancer, AIDS, Cachexia, etc.  Then what right does the government have in preventing you from doing all that you can to stay alive?  "Who died and made 'them' God?", so to speak.  One description of Cancer from my days of Biology  and Chemistry at Newcastle University is:  'a failure of 'apoptosis' (programmed-cell-death) at the end of the cell division cycle'.  I could waffle on about the so-far known causes, from fungus infection, to broken or corroded 'telemeres' (End of the DNA strands - that 'scientists' up until recently, in all of their 'wisdom' labelled useless 'Junk DNA'), lack of oxygen, carcinogens, pH balance, SV 40 contamination of vaccines, stealth-adapted viruses, lack of nutrients / food (look up the story of Beri-Beri if you want)... but many people don't care what is believed to cause.  If they see their mum, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter or themselves dying from it - then most of them would just seek the 'cure', no matter what they believe that to be.  They might seek it in the form of 'Chemical Therapy - renamed 'Chemotherapy' because it sounds less harsh, gamma knifes, surgery, radiation therapy, oxygen / Vitamin C / Nutrition / Caffeine Enema therapies... the Budwig Diet, Anti-Oxidants, Magic Herbs & Spices, detoxification, addressing mineral deficiencies, Cannabis Oil, VooDoo, Acupuncture, or Prayer.  The fact remains that the 'psycho active' components of cannabis, such as Delta-9- and Delta-8 Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, have been shown in numerous studies published in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals, as well as many people claiming the benefits in their own 'illegal experiments' to  be therapeutic in the treatment of Cancer, and other illnesses - and to induce 'apoptosis' into out-of-control cell growth.  This includes for 'metastasised' cases (cancers that have spread to other areas of the body).  


Over the years I have spoken to various doctors about this; they says that they are happy & believe it to be therapeutic, so long as they get to join in the economic bonanza that it would bring by being the only ones allowed to prescribe it... to get their cut (i.e. 'it is good and I support it as long as it is a prescription based medicine).   The Government can be the sole manufacturer and control dosages, tax it, enforce their monopoly, etc; as well as save lives, and give comfort (at a lower cost) to the sick and dying.


Many modern day medicines are merely derivatives of 'natural medicines' - from anti-malaria drugs (from Quinine), aspirin (from willow bark), Penicillin (from mouldy oranges), Morphine & Codeine (from Opium / Heroine), Hormone Replacement Therapy (from horse urine), anti-venin / anti-venom (from venom injected horse blood), digitalis heart medication (from Foxglove), pupil dilation drops (from 'Bella Donna', Deadly Nightshade), etc.  Other odd medication origins include ADHD medications and weigh-loss medications (from 'speed'), and some more that I cannot think of right now.  


Even with the threat of abuse of substances - which already occurs with 'pain killers', alcohol, etc.  At least people have recourse to go to Court if they get ripped off with a bottle of beer, instead in the Days O' Bonnie and Clyde (Prohibition).  Of course the people 'whilst under the influence' will remain prohibited from 'operating machinery', from'driving a car', etc.


Disclaimer: I have never used any illicit substance, nor even 'tried a cigarette' of normal tobacco - I just thought that I should add that before someone accused me of something.  'My body is a temple, and I'm the Guardian', or however the saying goes.  I.e. I'm reluctant to even take 'headache pills'.


- Note, The Liberal Government, and Labor Shadow Government have finally started to come on board [according to what they say, for whatever that is worth].

22.  Looking at alternative Medical Industry systems, such as that of Singapore - that was recently suggested:

-  where people apparently basically get a separate Superannuation-type fund to spend as they please on medical treatments - in a competitive Health Care Industry (with associated reduce costs.

23.  Reducing unnecessary 'Red-Tape' for Australian Businesses; and introducing an 'equalisation tax' on imports from countries that do not have worker insurance, environmental health laws, superannuation costs, massive insurance bills, etc.:

- To help level the playing field and allow Australian manufacturing to be more competitive in the local market.  More jobs here = more buyers = more jobs = less debt, more happiness, reduced 'safety net' costs, increased pensions (they are not a 'living healthily ' rate), etc.

24.  Fixing local infrastructure problems such as 'car destroying speed humps' at Dudley Beach, dangers at Speers Point Playground, single road access to new suburbs such as at Whitebridge, Bunderra (Cardiff), Teralba, etc.

-  for instance, at Speer's Point Play Ground, there a fence mechanisms that do not work, giant gaps under part of the fence that even I could climb through, gaps on the giant (but fun) 4 story slippery dip.  Unfortunately a child some how got through a gap in the slide's tower - and plummeted head first into the ground - I'm not sure of the eventual outcome - and people can blame a lack of supervision, but the fact remains that a child should not be able to fit through a gap in a 4 story high child's toy in the playground.  I do like the playground though - and think of it as a mini Disneyland.  It could really do with some more shade in the form of 'shade sails', however... especially as it is a play ground.

25.  The increase, where appropriate, to increase the maximum speed limit to 120 km/H along parts of the M1 Motor Way, with a review to possibly increasing it to 130km/H in appropriate areas.  Increasing parts of the Charlestown By-Pass to a maximum of 110 km/H, where suitable.


- There are parts of the Charlestown By Pass which should be increased from the current maximum speed of 90kM/H to 100 or 110 kM/H.  It is a well surfaced road, with wide lanes, clear visibility along much of it, and has not much risk of pedestrians for most of its length.

26.  The Establishment of a Child Molester / Serial Killer Registry:
-  People should be aware of local dangers, particularly of the evil human kind - then they can be better prepared to avoid the danger, and prevent themselves, or their families, from being a victim.

-  This may not be acceptable to the likes of the local Branches of the Labor Party - as it is not good publicity for them.  For instance when Milton Orkopoulis (former: Lake Macquarie City Councillor, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Member for Swansea) gets out of gaol, or Doug Carley (Former Councillor, and The Australian Labor Party's previous Mayor of Lake Macquarie) gets out of prison, then they too would be going on the Registry.

A)  Hypocritical Representatives such as The Labor Candidate, Jodie Harrison; be it her claims of supporting local business and residence of Lake Macquarie then voting to 'jack up' Residents Rates by 70% and Business Rates by 90%, over 7 years, so high in fact that IPART refused to grant the whole amount (the figures have been rounded); then voting herself a pay rise every year since crying poor to IPART about 'the nasty rate-pegging is sending us broke' (which hasn't help us much after all, with 12 Special Variation Rate Rises in the last 14 years).


Expect more Special Rates Variations to slip through in the near future, if Jodie becomes Mayor and State MP; to her constant criticism of Newcastle City Council - where she worked for some 14 years and was in charge of Governance during NCC's most tumultuous years; and 


Ms Harrison's massive hypocricy about Councillor Jason Pauling not being 'committed' to the Council and his Representatives - for wanting to run for Parliament - she has a 'higher-order' job, being Mayor and all, and is running for State Parliament twice over the next year:

-  Massive Rate Rises which harm residents and businesses (which further hurts residents, then businesses in a self feeding cycle).  Mayor Harrison has shown that she, herself, is not committed to Council, to the Mayoralship, to the People of Lake Macquarie.  It has been 'suggested' to me that Ms Harrison had been fore-warned about the impending political demise of the former Member for Charlestown, Andrew Cornwell.  Is that 'suggestion accurate', who knows?  It is logical that Ms Harrison would not put herself into the tenuious position of losing both the Mayoralship (from her preference for campaigning rather than being the Mayor) and the State Seat of Charlestown (that was 'unwinnable' next year without the ICAC revelations).


-  Jodie and Lake Macquarie City Council's 'Buy Nothing New Month' - which only harms local businesses, provides less circulation of money, less profits, less wages, less taxes [without 'jacking up' the rate of tax] and more bankruptcies & more businesses [local employers] 'going under'.  That was one of the most idiotic decisions from elected and unelected government I've seen in many years.  Then they ask why people disapprove of them and their actions.  How Bizarre!


B) Lies from Elected Officials; the betrayal of our trust - such as false promises (Jodie, where is your # 1 Priority for North Ward - the Cameron Park round-about - you have been North Ward Councillor for over 6 years, and Mayor since 2012!), Now you promise with 'Unelectable John' to stop the Rail-Line being cut.  


The Labor Party will not be in Government until at least 2019, any promises that they make until then are meaningless as they will not 'control parliament'.  


C)  Neglect of the Lake with the local Labor Party caught out with multiple lies, e.g. that the Labor State Government had purchased a dredge for Lake Macquarie - no purchase was made.  The Lake's delta will soon start getting dredged for the enjoyment of Boatie, Fishers, Swimmers and others who will also benefit from better water circulation around the Lake.


D)  Neglect by our so-called Elected Representatives; being an Elected Representative, no matter what level of Government, is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. 

-  Voting is often taken for granted in Australia too, which isn't helped by 'forced voting' and a purposefully over-complex of our Electoral System and System of Government which serves to disempower & disinterest Electors (fancy word for 'voters').  This of course serves to benefit the 'Big Boys' of the political world - the top 2 Parties in our Two-Party-Electoral-System.  Or representatives can get away with a lot - and at the same time get away with doing next to nothing (just look to the last time that the Labor Party held the Seat of Charlestown - under Matthew Morris).  This is due mainly to the lack of accountability and transparency inherent within our government - where essentially we pick our 'political masters' for the next 3, 4, 6 or even 8 years (depending on level of, &  level of 'House' within that, government); and a lack of 'bothering' from many voters to find out about the Candidates, voting blindly for XYZ as 'My Great Granny voted for them, and that is good enough for me', and in many people still believing age old meaningless platitudes (e.g. "it's for our children, and our children's children", "we are defending our country by sending our defence force away from Australia" - presumably to make make more enemies, both abroad and at home in our 'multi-cultural society'.  The previous Member for Charlestown, before Matthew Morris, was found to be 'diddling' everyone in using his Political Office for his private business.  That doesn't sound to me that he was very proactive in helping the community - but that he too took us for granted, and betrayed our trust.


E) Lies about the electoral System, such as Independents are ineffectual in Parliament.  They are in reality just as effectual as anyone in opposition - in 'not controlling the government' - yet are free to speak up against both the Opposition (Labor) & 'Government of the Day' (The Liberals until at least 2019 unless they do something drastically silly); on top of that Independents from John Hatton and Clover Moore, to the likes of Oakshott, Katter, and Windsor, have shown that Independents may essentially control much of the government's policy - in the case of a 'Hung Parliament'.  


So why not elected me, Arjay Martin, as an Independent?  If I do a terrible job - vote me out, if I do a great job of representing you, then keep me on - it cannot be much fairer than that.  As my job is on the line, and I am not a squillionaire, then I would be very stupid if I was a lazy representative.  I cannot rely on the 'Pendulum Swing', Party Protection, or disinterested voters to keep me in - I have to work for it; darn hard and darn smartly too!

F)  Abuse of our Constitutional Documents / Legitimate Constitutional Law; of the lack of freedom of journalists (and others) to publish news in a legitimate manner (e.g. not defamatory, not revealing our troop movements in war); & privatising essential infrastructure:

-  This stems from the above lack of accountability, transparency, and self-interest of relevant parties who stand to gain.  Examples of this include the invalid Australia Acts of 1986 which fundamentally altered the contents and operation of both the Commonwealth Constitution, and various State Constitutions, as well as our whole system of government.  All of this was done, and much more to negatively affect us, without the required Triple Majority 'Yes' vote to a clearly worded  question - with clear consequences for a vote in the affirmative (erroneously called a Double Majority).  Further alterations have been made including the removal of the bias reducing Jury Trial in favour of 'forever banned Star Chambers' by falsely redefining the word 'indictment', the creation of Private Prisons and excessive Water Charges, removal of the accountability safety-net of government - including that of the Governor-General & the High Court - via the removal of Disallowance of bad laws by the Queen / King within 1 year of their passing (laws are after all passed in the Monarch's name), and of appealing to the Queen-in-Council (Privy Council) for poor decisions of the High Court of Australia.  Some people do not like the idea of monarchy - especially, it seems, those who are not of at least partial 'British Stock' far off down the line - nor the idea of our Constitutionally Guaranteed Protections yet that is the system of Government that we have, and the Constitution is the law.


G)  Seismic Gas Testing in off the coast of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie:

-  This proven to scare away fish for over 18 months in previous testing cases, perhaps it really kills them.  There is no point in testing for oil or gas reserves - if not for putting up an oil dyke / rig.


H)  Oil  / Gas Rigs just off  the coast of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie:

-  If you think that it will make your fuel prices cheaper, or benefit the local economy to have foreign companies drain our reserves and pay the tiny amount of Royalties to the State, then you are mistaken.


I)  So called 'Coal Seam Gas' / 'Hydrological and Chemical Fracturing'

-  This includes pumping toxic and radioactive chemicals into the ground, and pollutes the water table, amongst other things.  This innovation is slightly better than the 'old method' of obtaining Coal Seam Gas - that of under-ground nuclear warheads being detonated - that had the unfortunate consequence of making the gas & surrounds so radioactive that it could not be used after harvest.  There are alternatives such as the 'gasification of coal' / 'synthetic petrol' / 'synthetic diesel' AFTER it has been mined out of the ground & to be done in a controlled environment.  If World War Two Era Germany could do it whilst being pummelled with bombs every day, then surely we can do it.  Australians do not benefit from foreign countries 'cutting-out-the-middle-man'; that meaning US...  by mining our resources - directly importing labour and exporting profits, as well as the resources to enrich themselves.


J)  Too much government interference into our private lives; including VLAD Type 'Anti-Association Laws'; as well as the 'Predicted Sea Level Rise in 2100' resulting in caveats on people's properties preventing them from building on their own property.  If the water really does rise by the supposed 3 Meters (rounded) by 86 years away - then people have plenty of time to observe and plan - I ask you, how many houses and units last for 86 years anyway?: 

-  So long as we are busy minding our own business, and not harming others, then we should be free to do as we please.  Those that claim that the government needs to step in and order us around for every single aspect of our lives due to humans being 'inherently evil' are misguided (or megalomaniac government officials).  Government is merely a collection of individuals - so whatever flaws humans have - so to does government.  This also includes such things as banning the sale and consumption of 'raw milk' - a product which humans have drunk, for thousands, or millions of years, depending on your religious persuasion... complete with enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed during pasteurisation.


- another recent example is Lake Macquarie City Council, & the Incumbent Mayor come MP's, bullying of business operators in Swansea.  The pertains to claims of ownership by Jodie and the Council of 'airspace' and 'footpaths' that they do not give permission to be filmed.  The Council is a mere Caretaker.  The CCTV cameras have presumably deterred the 'Swansea Rats' gang and were paid for by the NSW State Government.  All Councils within Australia [government] are merely arm's length business units of State Governments; after multiple failed Referenda.  The Alternative would be that they are unlawful corporations posing as Government.  Take your pick.


K)  'Fobbing people off' with their legitimate concerns:

-  For instance, claiming that something is within a different level of government's jurisdiction, or even if it is in a different area - I'll fight for those who I am elected to represent regardless, whether I have to go as a representative, or embarrass the government into action through bad publicity to them.  As a quick example - I was chatting with a school teacher from within the electorate, who had two car accidents over the years on his way to work in Maitland.  He now has a permanent physical disability which makes it difficult to drive, as well as anxieties about driving that same route.  For years he has been trying to get a transfer to a school within the electorate to cut down on his driving - apparently there are local places available.  This seems a reasonable request - yet the Education Department refuses to let him transfer.  He does not which to retire, and has 'many years of work left in him', so long as he doesn't have to continue to get himself to Maitland and back, but if he doesn't get a transfer soon then he will.


- Another recent example is that of a Business Owner within the electorate.  He called Jodie Harrison's office on 8 different occasions, about an issue which is reasonable.  Her was told on each occasion that Jodie would call him back.  This did not occur.  Later on that same Business Person was at a function where the Jodie Harrison was introducing herself to people.  She introduced herself to the gentleman and he asked when she would return any of his 8 phone calls.  She then walked away.  This is an example of poor leadership, poor representation, and poor performance by the incumbent Mayor come MP for Charlestown.


L)  The lack of regards for swimmers' personal safety within the Lake - think of an impending aggressive shark attack - the water is not Man's Domain, yet with the ban on commercial fishing within the lake, the shark population has seemingly exploded.  Exploded in the same way as the dolphin population of Nelson Bay after sharks were virtually wiped out from the area many years ago.  It is not unreasonable to stick non-shark-lethal swimming protection at a select few swimming locations - the Sea Horse / Sea Dragon population would thank you for it, the sharks and swimmers too.


M)  The current fine / penalty system;  it is not working - a simple way to tell is that it a highly profitable system - if it worked, and wasn't primarily for 'revenue raising' - then it would make no money:

- Furthermore, claimed debts get 'contracted out' to the State Debt Recovery Organisation where they are not reasonably negotiated away for trivial or non-existent crimes.  Do the leadership there get paid performance based commissions?  


N)  I am also against the incentivising crime via Private Prisons - these are unconstitutional and are not beneficial to Joe Public.  Prisons should also not be 'too cushy', nor sentences be passed on for trivial or 'non-violent' crimes - that is not 'violent' to people nor property... theft, even 'white collar theft' is harmful and 'violent' towards others.  If there is no victim, then there is no crime.


O)  Legislation is passed is currently passed without being read personally by Parliamentarians - for instance - by 2011, there were over 9, 500, 000 words in our Federal Taxation Legislation.  The Old and New Testament of the Bible contain less than 790, 000!  


Back in 1901 there were 28 Bills presented to the Lower House of the Federal Parliament, in 31 sitting weeks, resulting in 17 Acts.  For comparison - in 2012 there were 210 massive Bills presented, in a mere 17 Sitting Weeks, resulting in 206 Acts.  


This should not be allowed to occur!


P)  Government wasteful spending; sure the nearly $3 million footbridge across the water at Eleebana looks pretty cool - but couldn't they have build one cheaper?  Or what about Sydney's coming $9 million in sculptures in the form of 'a giant up-side-down milk-crate' & an even bigger 'squiggle'?  Or some government grant paid for 'art' similar to the 'vaginal knitting project' that went for 'a full cycle'? Auspicious Consumption is for times of Prosperity - not times of scarcity, and some things should just not be funded by Government - i.e. by our money:

-  Governments acting above their authority, implementing poorly thought out plans (for instance the current Opal Transport Card debacle - with few places selling the cards, only some buses accepting them, problems with not 'swiping out', police and transit officers not having Opal Card readers. etc.).  It is good however to have a consistent ticketing system across all forms of public transport within the state - perhaps on a time based system, such as we have in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.  Government inefficiency and waste is a primary reason for such high tax rates, both direct and stealth taxes such as 'fines', 'penalties', 'interest on debts', and 'inflation'.  The government, believe it or not, claims more of a share of people's wealth and 'income' than they did in Mediaeval times!  We have, for instance, around 120,000 Federal Government employees (Public Servants with extravagant Superannuation Schemes - compared to Joe Bloggs - citizen at large) within the Federal Education and Health Departments - yet they have no schools or hospitals!  (besides Quarantine and Military Health - the Federal Government is not even allowed to run any Health or Education Departments - they are not expressly permitted to by the AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION!


Q)  The removal of Fireworks from Federal, State, and Local level celebrations / the loss of our cultural heritage, such as the pioneer cemeteries at Booragal / Teralba / Newcastle West:
I had a win for the fireworks back in 2012, as part of the Lake Macquarie City Council's Australia Day Celebrations Committee.  The Council and Local Area Command (Police) wanted them permanently removed from celebration, citing various reasons from 'they cause too much crime', 'there is no public transport near Speer's Point (Cockle Creek Station didn't count supposedly) , costs (compared to the $30,000, from memory, to hire the 'big screen' for the day - the fireworks were inexpensive), dog running away, etc.  I drew the attention to what would be lost if they did not have them and gave others who were not prepared to speak up without someone leading the way.


R)  The de-funding and amalgamation of Local Libraries, both by Council and NSW State Government - Councils are not in favour of Council Amalgamation, yet are happy to do unto others what they hope will not be done to them: 
-  Libraries play an important role in the learning and development of Residents and Visitors alike - particularly for those with little disposable income in this age of never-ending rises to costs-of-living. From that of food, fuel, electricity, water, unnecessary compliance-costs & taxation; to the massive Rate Rise that Councillors, including the Mayor of Lake Macquarie, Jodie Harrison, voted for... and those yet to come with no powerful opposition, should she become State Member, as well as Mayor - just as Mr Piper was able to take advantage of in order to raise the rates so much above the Rate-Peg.


S)  De-funding of  Public Tertiary Education Facilities -  Yet I am in favour of Private Business, who provides the equivalent, or better, education to be able to compete with government schooling.


T)  Police should not be paid or promoted based on quotas:

I do not know the accuracy of the claims, but many people claim that it is true - particularly for 'Highway Patrol'.  Asking some police 'they' just changed the topic as if it is a 'dirty little secret', or 'the elephant in to room'.  Police should not have to justify their existence based on arrests and fine volume or value issued.  If police are affective, then there should be very little crime to arrest or fine people for.  


Is it not reasonable to suggest that if people saw Highway Patrol Police in particular, as there for safety as opposed to revenue raising, that you would not see a dozen or more people wildly flashing their headlights as one approached a 'speed trap'.  RADAR & LIDAR 'Speed Guns' have been shown to be wildly inaccurate, including measuring static objects as moving at up to 100 km / H.  In order to question the validity of a Speed Gun's accuracy in Court - one will be told that they must procure an 'expert witness' (probably an off-duty police officer) in order to point out simple facts about tolerance of measure, etc.  This is an affront to Equality of Arms and even the Law of Precedent - for if the Speed Guns were ever shown to be inaccurate in 'the Court of Law' then the same applies to lower levels of Court, and has been 'proved' to be inaccurate besides.  If the tolerance of the Speed Gun is combined with the accuracy of car speedometers, then innocent people are indeed getting fines and forfeitures without basis - most probably losing their 'licence' for doing nothing wrong as well.  

That being said - some 'moron' going 125 km / H in a '60 Zone', say Madison Drive, is placing people's lives and property at risk - and should have the 'book thrown at them' and police in general appear to do a good job.


U)  Emergency Service Response Times should not include waiting hours for help for urgent matters such as threat of or actual violence.  I recently asked both Police and RFS Officers what the NSW Government can do to make their jobs more effect - and was told by both services that they are well resourced - which was very surprising:

- The other side of the coin, with the police, is why are their response times so terrible if they are well-resourced?  This is included in my personal experience - including waiting months for Wyong Police Station to go through a security tape (the camera pointed directly to my car) from some nasty sod smashing into my car and driving off while my wife, daughter, and myself were eating at the Twin Lakes Service Station.  After months of calls I went in to the station am finally managed to speak to the investigating officer - he informed me 'don't worry about it, I've got months to investigate'.  This is not acceptable and is against the Police Service Charter.


V)  The continuance of policies which harm Australians; Farmers, Workers, Business Operators, Manufacturers, and Others:

-  Many policies have been created by our own government to hinder Australia's productivity and production.  Some of this extended naturally from ridiculous International 'Treaties' (Trade Embargoes) , such as the 1975 Lima Declaration - designed specifically to 'redistribute to wealth of the world from advanced economies to non-advanced, via the purposeful destruction of local industries' as one summation.


W)  I am against a lack of property rights:

-  Farmers being banned from cutting down a tree on their over land (non-rare/ non-rare animal's home), from planting a tree there, being forbidden to build a reasonable sized dam that does not terribly affect their neighbour's or the rivers, from removing a giant 'bush rock' from their own field, to being forced to allow geologist from your 'local' foreign resource firm onto their land and to 'carry out test drilling', etc.  If someone does something on or to their own property, without the reasonable prospects of harming other, then that is fine by me; and should be by you too (in my humble opinion).


X)  Unlimited time limits between development plan approval & building:

- a time limit of say 5 years, to 8 years ought to be enough and should see an accelerated turn-around on un-utilised, or underutilised land - in place of 'land banking', and be used to better suit the circumstances of the day - e.g. saving Teralba Cemetery from destruction via 'turning over' head-stones, etc.  Really, the best way to preserve old cemeteries would be to continue to utilise them (in new plots, not burying a stranger on top of Great-Grandma - as I believe is now permitted).  


Something that might have made sense 30 years ago, might have made sense back then - but not make sense now.  The plans, and requirements, should be updated within a reasonable time-frame before building is commenced.


Y)  The artificial reduction in speed limits to ridiculous levels:

-  How many times have you seen a 100km/H zone have the road markings painted over and being reduced to say 60km/H?  On roads with good visibility, well surfaced, etc.?  Also why not INCREASE the speed limit around High Schools during 'school entry / exit hours' from 40 km/H to 50?  Surely High School children have more common sense than Pre-school and Primary School children?  Why should people be fined for 'speeding' through a 'work zone' with 40km/H signs everywhere that hasn't has road works there in weeks?

Another example is that of 40 km / H 'built up area' areas with no souls to be  seen after 7 or 8 PM - yet the speed zone is in place, and enforced 'around the clock.'


Z)  'Out of touch' Political Candidates getting around $85,000 per annum, 'Mayoral and Councillor Allowance', plus over $20,000 in the form of a free luxury sports car lease, $13,000 electoral allowance, $87,000 secretary for free, free fuel card, plus, plus, plus... who then try to claim to 'be of the people' and to 'feel the pain' of the massively increasing Cost of Living - with everything going up exponentially. 

People wouldn't mind so much if she did a decent job, which she does not in the minds of many people within the electorate, which is a reasonable assertion to make...

Now she is seeking to continue her additional $150,000 (base) + $45,000 electoral allowance per annum as your State Member, that is before she joins any committees and presumably makes her leadership challenge to be the Leader of the Opposition to get nearly $400,000 in salary and Electoral Allowance.  

That is on top of her income as a Director in Local Government NSW (a private association) which has a 'Procurement Arm', called Local Government Procurement, which sold $3.5 million dollars to Lake Macquarie City Council last year, was paid about $58,500 as a Membership fee by LMCC and they donated around $3,500 back to the Council).  And whatever she is paid as Director of Hunter Councils Inc, and any other of her Directorships.

Tell me that it does not seem like there may be something fishy going on there!  

Jodie wants to be a Councillor, Mayor, Private Association Director of multiple businesses, and State Member all at once.  One may only presume that you can add Leader of The Opposition to that list.  

Jodie seems to me to be more worried about lining her own pocket, and I cannot help but assume that Jodie Harrison wants to be to John Robertson as "Julia Gillard was to Kevin Rudd"... 

Is it really a good idea - if you support Labor, the Liberals, Greens, or whomever else - to vote for the Labor Candidate?

Labor claimed an end to the 'Sussex Street' interference into 'Branches' by the 'Faceless Men'... over-riding Branch Candidate Selection - or skipping it altogether...  They Lied.



The Labor Party also claimed to support the' Democratisation' of the Party, by allowing 'Non-Union Members' into the Party to stand as Candidates... They Lied, wouldn't you say so?

If you allow Jodie to be Elected for Charlestown - how could she know what it is like to live in the 'real world'?


Will Jodie Harrison become the richest woman in Hunter Valley's history?  

If so, how could she possibly be a true representative of the 'workers' that she claims to be...


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