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This section contains information from previous elections that Arjay ran in.

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If you are sick of how things are: the lies, the lack of representation, broken promises, and the many other massive problems to come if we are silly enough to elect a 'dyed in the wool' Party Fanatic to hold the Balance of Power within Newcastle City Council.

Why not do something about it?


I know I am, so I implore you to assist me in contesting the Charlestown State Election.

I will spend $$$$s of my own hard-earned cash in order to do so, and to bring attention to your needs and wants during the campaign.  

All I ask from you in return is a little of your time and effort - to read not only my website, flyers, etc. but to read those of my 'rivals' in the contest... I want for us all to pick a Member to represent us from at least a somewhat informed position... not to pick someone to vote for merely because 'she is a woman', 'lets give someone with red hair a go', 'their Party's name sounds good'.  For example, 'I'm a Christian too', 'into sex/fishing/shooting' (hopefully not all at once), 'into PUP-pies', etc.)... 

Or that most common theme, 'Great-Great-Grand-Dad voted for XYZ, back in the day'.  Hopefully G-G-G-Dad was an intelligent, free-thinking, and informed voter - and not just voting for who his what his Great-Grand-Dad voted for;  times have changed, and so too have the Parties.  

(I am assuming that women were not allowed to vote back when your G-G-G-Dad was first voting - or else add a few more 'Greats' to there to suit)

Confession time:  

When I was first voting - since I 'didn't have the time' to go through finding out all about the candidates with having been a full-time double-degree university student since the age of 17 - 

I voted for Greg Piper for Mayor of Lake Macquarie - based on three criteria - 

1)  he was an Independent - could represent people besides just Big Business (be they Big Unions, or Big Free Enterprise) - and that out of the 'big boys' (Candidates for either of the two big Parties) they both seem to lead us in the same direction - just via a different method, 

2)  what I did read in the newspaper about the Candidates at the time, Mr Piper's blurb didn't sound too ridiculous,

and time for the silly one...

3)  his surname is Piper, and I play bagpipes :-S

Since then, I've obviously matured; although some political rivals will disagree, you know, when they are not slashing my tyres, stealing my full garbage bin and number plates off of my car, smashing my wind-screen, etc - which is just a sample of what's happened to me since entering the  realm of Contesting Elections.

My own Great-Grand-Dad was a high-up member of the Australian Labor Party, and ran for election in Sydney carrying their banner many years ago.

I'm not sure if he was elected or not - and have no one to ask. 

Unfortunately it was long before the internet & personal computers, so doesn't seem to exist according to the Internet (as is the case with most other events on 'The Web' before 1998), my very elderly Nanna has dementia, dad died when I was in Year 12,  mum died a few years ago, and going through micro-fiche of old newspapers all day at the library is not a great prospect when I am not sure of what election it was and for what Seat.

He was born in Sydney, NSW, 2 years before Australia's Federation, and his parents were cool / awesome enough to call his middle name 'Federal' as a result.  I think that it is awesome anyway... unfortunately for me, my wife wouldn't let me name our daughter 'Australia' (but perhaps fortunately for my daughter - with all of the nasty bullies about).  He was an integral part of the Labor Machine - back when it was 'for the workers', instead of today just being 'for the Union Bosses' to bank-roll their 'High-Roller-Lifestyles'. 

When he died, he had the largest ever (up until that time, perhaps still) funeral that Parramatta had ever seen, with literally 'thousands of people lining the streets to 'pay their respects''.  Anyway, the point is that times have changed. 

Gone are the days when the Unions helped people against bosses who had dangerous un-caged machines, sent little kids up coal mines in Australia (even in the early 1900s - like another ancestor of mine), had people working 60 hours plus doing menial labour (although there still are many people I know forced to work that long - at multiple jobs - and even within the one job with unpaid 'reasonable hours' added to their work-flow).  

The Unions changed (look at what happened with James Hardie - 'keep me as Union Leader Mr Hardie Co and I'll suppress the complaints of non-functioning dust extractors, and the asbestos filled air and everything else that it covered' - paraphrased)...

and changed again with Whitlam / Hawke / Keating era removing control over: the value of the Australian Dollar, 'trade barriers' and allowing to be signed the likes of The Lima Declaration to destroy Australia's manufacturing - and the Australian ownership of many (or perhaps even most of) the companies that still do manufacture here... in the era of  frequent sick 'initiation ceremonies  / 'hazing' and 'bullying / harassment' in the workplace, and the usurpation over The Constitution of Australia...  

and changed again with Gillard / and Trade Union Boss alleged and actual corruption much of which is still being uncovered in various organisations such as Royal Commissions, ICAC, etc.  This has included claims and convictions of extortion, blackmail, hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen from the people of New South Wales ('Fast Eddie' and his Labor AND Liberal / National mates), Union Slush Funds to bank-roll Labor candidates, prostitutes and other 'fringe benefits' being charged to the Members (through Union Dues, i.e. 'compulsory taxation of Other People's Money' / 'protection money' if you see it from the perspective of some).

Or locally - the use of so-called 'Labor Party Paedophile Rings' that has seen former Councillor and former MP for Swansea / Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Milton Orkopoulos, and former Labor Mayor of Lake Macquarie Doug Carley being two examples.

It is not just the Labor Party that has been 'caught with the fingers in the til' of course, particularly with some Liberal / Nation Party entanglement with 'Fast Eddie' Obeid, and if eventually convicted of anything after the ICAC investigation - former Liberal State Members.  

To be fair to them though - I do not believe that certain donors in lawful positions ('Property Developers', and those selling Alcohol, Tobacco, or Gambling products - however ill-defined) should be banned from making donation, from having a political voice, to be discriminatingly excluded from 'the political process' - and that Mr McCloy will, in my estimate, win in the High Court to get the 'bans lifted', ab initio, for being invalid law.  It was still a very bad decision to accept said payments and I hope that bribery was not involved - donations in return for 'favours'.  It is a great mistake to not have charged the full 1% Section 94 Contribution to the T4 Coal Terminal, and perhaps undertaking a 'Cut 'n' Cover' rail option would be the cheaper - more intelligent - future for Newcastle's Rail... and, while they are at it, how about changing the paid parking in Newcastle to time limited to also add to the economy?