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Even though the election is over - please continue to send your thoughts, ideas, complaints about what's going on, etc.  I will still do what I can to fight on for good ideas.

26 Sept 2013

Green's leader, Senator Christine Milne, had six staff leave after losing more than 400, 000 (net) voters.

Bill Shorten M.P. admits rigging questions for a 'Labor Leader' debate (in a taxi) - at least he admitted it, Antony Albanese M.P. might well have done the same - sans taxi.

Clive Palmer M.P. wins and yet again calls for (reasonable) fixing of our corrupt (allegedly - just to cover myself) Electoral System - with nasty (IMHO) AEC Chief Legal Officer Paul Pirani (Piranha?) to fly to Queensland to overcome Mr Palmer's complaints (and perhaps to threaten him with legal action).

22 09 2013

Something big to do with the election may be happening soon - stay tuned for more information over the next day or two!


11 09 2013

Something cute from my daughter's playgroup yesterday that my wife told me.  Evelina, 14 months old, was watching some children use the mini blue slippery-dip and wanted to go on it.  My wife helped her have a go on it.  A little girl, about 4 years old, tried helping Evelina go up for another turn and said 'I think she likes me' and was so happy.  My wife told the story better than I (and saw it happy).


09 09 2013

Among other things, on Election Day (the 7th of September, 2013) I scrutineered for two Candidates (really for all of them).

That was an interesting but long process.  Step one - doors locked at 6PM.  Then the seals were 'checked' (well from one box anyway) - mind you it wouldn't be hard to remove and replace them since they are just bits of plastic.  Then the House of Representatives (Green Ballot Papers) were emptied out onto a table.  They started to be unfolded and put 'right way up'.  The same was then done with the House of Review (White Ballot Papers).  After that lasted a long time then the greens were sorted into their respective piles, and the whites into one of five piles:  Liberal, Labor, Everyone Else, Below the Line, and 'Informal' (blank ballots, ripped up one, penis pictures complete with veins, 'go to hell', 'eat sh t', 'the politicians are all being tried for treason/Australia is a Corporation registered in the U. S. A.'s Security Exchange Commission', etc.

Then put into piles for each group and the 'Informals' gone through.  One lady made an incorrect instruction to the votcounters  that if ballots had anything other than a '1' 'Above the Line' then it was not counted - I corrected that politely.  It really goes if Above and Below the Line, then if at least 90% BtL done... consecutive numbers... etc then that takes preference, if less than 90% or not consecutive then goes to AtL.  If AtL has only the one '1'/'x'/tick, then that is what counts with their own second, third, etc preferences not counting (automatically distribution from the '1').

Then the ballots were taped up in boxes to be sent away to be recounted and scanned for the BtL Senate Papers at least with computers counting and distributing those votes.

It was interesting that the Seat of New England voted overwhelmingly in support of Barnaby Joyce, but overwhelmingly for Labor in the Senate (a guided / misguided notion of 'balance' perhaps).  For the Senate Papers it was Labor, Liberals, One Nation, then Palmer United for the top four - Shooters and Fishers might have been next.

It finished at about 10PM or 11PM.


P. S.  It would have sure been nice scrutineering for another Candidate (different Seat / Division) while they scrutinised for mine in Chartlon though.


02 09 2013

I'm sure that everyone's children are awesome, and most adults too as we were all our parents' children, but my daughter is particularly awesome :-D

30 08 2013

Information formerly on this page can be found here, new information shall more likely than not be posted on the page before filling up and being moved to reduce the screen clutter.

In a war of attrition and retaliation capabilities between Big Government (at fault) versus the Little Guy (myself) then I guess that I am destined to lose.  

As there is no Media Uproar (although I appreciate the story being published by at least one newspaper) - I have been told that the most I could expect is for the AEC to be sent a letter from the [name with-held for the time being] saying that they mistreated me.  No disciplinary action against AEC Employees.  No recall of the election. No S Election as when a Candidate dies during the election.  No By-Election.

I'm off to the beach for some R&R before re-taking up the 'good fight' - although I am very disappointed in the whole situation and the government's supposed 'oversight', 'justice', 'procedural fairness', 'accountability', and our 'Freedom' & 'Choice'... among other things.