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'Rigged Elections'?  What are your thoughts?

Some interesting articles and comments with regards to the Election and alleged 'Election Rigging'.

McIntyre files High Court action against AEC - 02 09 2013

21st Century Australia Party founder Jamie McIntyre has filed High Court action this morning at 11.30am against the Australian Electoral Commission for deliberately delaying his party registration to the exact date required to prevent it being in the original September 14 election or earlier.  “What right does Bob Carr, our Foreign Minister, have to recently attack Zimbabwe for dishonest and unfair elections, when at least they let their opposition parties be in the election before cheating them?

“He represents a Government that simply denies the democratic right for a major third party threat to be in an election, despite having double the number of members required and meeting every criteria and submitting their application over four months before the election,” Mr McIntyre said.  He said this is not just a matter of bureaucratic bumbling or gross incompetence.  “It’s about every deliberate tactic used by the AEC to stall, delay and prevent the party being in the election,” Mr McIntyre said.  “Ironically we are the only party that’s calling for a complete overhaul of the current 19th Century Political System.  “Yet they register 54 other parties, mostly minor ones that are not a threat to the two party duopoly in particular.”  

Mr McIntyre has spent over $500,000 of his own money on the campaign, had Senate Candidates for every state and was on target for 75 lower house candidates to stand under the banner of his party.  He had spoken to over 4500 voters at dozens of political launches Australia wide and has support of what he says close to 500,000 of his clients he has educated over the last 15 years as one of Australia’s leading 21st Century Educators.  “We are serious third party threat in Australia that is well organised, has financial backing, a large number of passionate supporters and has detailed policies and a vision for Australia and is attracting voters from all ages and both sides of politics which is something the other emerging niche parties fail to do,” he said.

The AEC received thousands of complaints from angry voters who say they may now write 21st Century Australia on the ballot paper regardless.  The AEC simply denies their actions Mr McIntyre said.

“It takes 3 hours to cross check 500 members off the electoral role not 3 months,” he said.

“They managed to approve 54 other parties mostly in less time.

“Their excuses of trying to shift blame are pathetic and they should be exposed for their interference in democracy especially at a time when most Australians already don’t have faith in our failing political systems.”

Mr McIntyre is running as a Federal Candidate for the seat of New England against Barnaby Joyce.

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Letter to the editor of the Armidale Express. 

Jamie McIntyre regarding article in Friday’s edition entitled “The party’s over for Jamie McIntyre”  - 09 08 2013.

This is the most in inaccurate article to date in the entire political campaign and clearly highlights the AEC can’t defend its deliberate actions to interfere with democracy and prevent 21st Century Australia by telling the truth so it is now reverting to lies to blame the 21st Century Australia party for why it isn’t in this year’s Federal Election.

If I was to ask a private sector employee;

Here is a list of 550 names. I need you to quickly cross check against this other database to locate 500 (ie as you need 500 members on the electoral role to be a political party).  If I was to allow 3 hours for this task to occur would that be unreasonable?

Yet how long will it take the AEC, a so called honest efficient government department when asked to complete the same task?

Will it take 3 hours?
3 days?
3 weeks?
3 months?
Longer than 3 months to do a 3 hour task?

Is that gross incompetence?

Sounds like it but actually it isn’t.

It’s actually deliberate tactics employed by the AEC to delay a legitimate third party choice.

Let me clarify.

The AEC claims:

We only had 419 members found initially, then a second time 483 members found of the 500 needed to be a party and we should have checked the AEC database to verify prior to submitting to ensure we had 500 verified members before lodging to speed the process up to only 3 months not longer.

What a load of deceptive bullshit fed to journalists who don’t bother to question the facts provided by the AEC.

For starters cross checking members off the AEC website is a complete waste of time.  It’s so flawed and so inaccurate most registered voters can’t be found.  For proof go and search for yourself on their website.  Many registered voters won’t be found.  So the 419 members from a list of 550 was because the AEC couldn’t find many registered members because of their flawed systems not ours.  Also, why if a party has almost 1000 members, to ensure the application is quickly approved doesn’t the AEC allow you to submit 700, 800 ,1000 members?

I mean, 1000 members to then find only 500 is a much easier mathematical equation if 1 in 2 or 50% needed to be found.  To find 500 members from 550 requires approximately a 90% success rate which, with the AEC flawed database is almost mathematically impossible.  Of course these procedures by the AEC are purely accidental to delay and prevent a party being registered on time, never deliberate.  So the 419 members they found took them about 2 months not 3 hours. Then weeks later they found more when checking properly.  We also submitted more names but were never allowed to submit more than 550 as that would mean 500 members could be found quickly.

So after several months the AEC locates 483 members despite the fact we have hundreds more they refuse to allow us to submit as that would mean we would be registered in time for an election in September.  So why didn’t the AEC at this point simply ask for 17 more members to be sent through to quickly approve the party registration as soon as possible or allow more than 550 be submitted upfront to avoid this problem?  Instead they wrote a threatening letter saying you only have 483 members (despite the AEC being told we have hundreds more they refuse to let us submit) therefore we reject your application and if you don’t like it you can appeal and we will review it after the election. Or start all over again and resubmit 550 members again (no more), pay yet another fee and they’d start from zero again.

Knowing they already at this point had taken several months they knew this tactic would ensure they could now delay us to the targeted date of July 15 before they added us to the AEC website as a registered party pending objections for 30 days.

Is this accidental tactics by the AEC or deliberate?  I mean if they wanted the party registered sooner, then we would be on the ballot paper for the 2013 Federal Election.  Why did they have to delay the registration deliberately to July 15?

Was this date co-incidental?  You see when you’re registered on the AEC as a party its two more months before they will add you to the ballot paper (Why? Just another bullshit tactic by a Government department that is committed to upholding the duopoly, sorry democracy )  They knew all along that the election had been set by Gillard Sept 14 correct?  They also knew if Rudd was returned an earlier election was probable correct?  So is it gross incompetence by the AEC or deliberate tactics? Or both?

Well it isn’t gross incompetence alone as they have managed to competently approve 54 other new parties such as the “Coke in the Bubbler Party ” all single issue parties except the Palmer Party.

Many parties were submitted after we submitted way back in May 2nd yet they will be on the ballot paper.  You see 21st Century Australia was the only legitimate 3rd party threat to the two major parties.  We have a massive growing supporter base of over 500,000 people Australia wide on and were running Senate Candidates in all states and targeted aim of 75 lower house seats. 

The party has a broad range of policies publicly available and a stated aim to be a major party within 9 years or less. Also knowing the majority of Australians don’t particularly want to vote for either of the major parties, we were a serious threat to win several senate seats and several lower house seats and our preferences could have decided who wins.  Especially if it is a close election, or if given enough exposure cause a massive loss to voters of both major parties however mainly labor voters.  This same Government, who is attacking Zimbabwe for unfair and unjust elections due to vote rigging, should stop being hypocritical.

At least in Zimbabwe, they allow opposition parties on the ballot paper before they cheat them.

In Australia they simply use the AEC’s deliberate grossly incompetent tactics to ensure voters don’t even get the chance to vote for a new emerging third party threat.  Such honest transparent upholders of democracy.  Well done Ed the Head of the AEC.  Something to be proud of.

If you’re so certain the AEC isn’t involved in deliberate actions to prevent democracy then I’m sure you will be happy for an independent investigation into the AEC policies and procedures and will be happy to answer some pretty basic questions that the thousands of angry voters have emailed in, in recent days which the AEC is continuing to fail to answer.  Step up Ed as I am one Australian who will stand up for voters and taxpayers ensure the bullshit in Government ends.  I will demand honesty and transparency in Government so you better start shredding the evidence now before an investigation starts.

The article also says we sought tax payer funded money before the election.  That is also total nonsense.  We have to compete against tax payer funded competitors and the party receives no tax payer funding.  And in lieu of the AEC actions the party will be denied tax payer funding from Senate votes, for at least 3 years starving a legitimate 3rd party threat to Labor and Liberal who are using millions of taxpayers money.  Other than Clive Palmer, show me 1 other Australian who has put their hand in their pocket as much as I personally have for benefit of Australian voters and taxpayers.


Jamie McIntyre
Founder of the 21st Century Australia Party


The Northern Daily Leader - Sept 7 election shock - candidate claims electoral conspiracy 

Rebecca Belt - 05 08 2013.

YESTERDAY’S election date announcement has put a huge rock in the path of 21st Century Australia Party New England candidate Jamie McIntyre, while Nationals candidate Barnaby Joyce is ready to run.  Mr McIntyre has claimed the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) deliberately used tactics against his party to ensure it could not run in the federal election.

Mr Joyce said he was ready to prove he deserved the honour of the votes of New England residents, but was disappointed the referendum on constitutional recognition of local government would not be held.  The only other candidates   are the Greens’ Pat Schultz and Citizens Electoral Council’s Richard Whitten. Both said they were running their campaigns “on the smell of an oily rag”, but would have a site at AgQuip.  Mr Whitten said he would attend all the candidate forums that were called in the lead-up to September 7 and had been visiting field days.  “We’ve also done a few runs around Tamworth, mainly to the banks to let them know what the financial system of the nation actually is, rather than what they’re told it is,” he said.  “We’ll just see what transpires. We have a totally different approach to politics than the major parties.”

21st Century Australia Party candidate Jamie McIntyre will now need to run as an independent if he wishes to contest the election and claims it’s been a conspiracy by the AEC.  The AEC only approved Mr McIntyre’s party on July 15, with a public submission period open for the following 30 days, but if an election was called during that period, his party could not appear on the ballot papers.  With the election called yesterday and set for September 7, the party cannot run and he is investigating legal action against the AEC.

He said they submitted their party registration on May 2, then the AEC made them resubmit three times and finally approved the party on July 15.  Mr McIntyre claimed the party was the only real legitimate party force against the two majors, and claimed that 54 other minor parties were approved before his party, including the Clive Palmer Party which Mr McIntyre claimed submitted their application after his party.  He said these were deliberate tactics to stop the party running and said he would be releasing a document detailing the tactics the AEC used.  Mr McIntyre said he would now run in the New England as an independent, but was considering legal action to see what could be done to have 21st Century Australia Party on the ballot paper or the election delayed until they could be included.

Mr Joyce was disappointed the referendum would now not be held.  “I’ve been a longtime support the of the constitutional recognition of local government and I’ve fought to get it through the lower and upper houses,” he said.  Mr Joyce said local government in the New England wanted the referendum, too.  Now that the election is before September 14, the referendum cannot be held.  Mr Joyce said this was another example of how Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could not be trusted and he was now fired up about where he wanted our nation to go in the future.  He said he hoped Labor came up with a candidate to contest the seat.  Mr Joyce said he planned to continue working hard to earn the honour of the votes of the constituents of the New England and prove to them that he would work hard to represent them if they voted him in.

“The rest is up to the democratic process,” he said.  Mr McIntyre’s document on the AEC’s tactics that were used against him is expected to be released today.