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There are many things that I believe in - as you can discover through-out this website that I've put together.  Among my beliefs, I believe that our Representatives should actually bother to Represent the wishes of their constituents - to the extent of both Natural Laws and Constitutional Laws.

Most rules should be as applicable to all classes of people in a similar circumstance.  Politicians and Public Servants, for one example, have a whole different Rule Book when it comes to Superannuation, and other so - called 'entitlements'.  A Prime Minister can be in power for a year, then retire with some ridiculous sum of perpetual income, at your and my expense, for the rest of her or his life.  This also applies to others.

The Government is not meant to be everyone's Sugar Mumma, nor Sugar Daddy, to control everyone from Birth to Death & to everything in-between.  This is often accompanied by a few crumbs from the table - a few dollars for this or that - in return for absolute compliance with 'their rules', rules that often do not effect those who create them.

As Thomas Jefferson said, 'Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have...  The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases'.

These crumbs are often borrowed - complete with interest - from foreign nations such as China. 

Technically it could all said to be borrowed so long as we have External Debt (i. e. owe money overseas).

As Alexis De Tocqueville said (of the U.S. Republic America, but the same applies here to our Constitutional Monarchy), 'The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the Public with the Public's [own] money'.

This is even more ridiculous when it is found that this 'racking up of the Federal, State, and Council credit cards are actually encouraged and sought after.  They even give it a special name, a 'buzz-word' dubbed 'Inter-Generational Equity', which is seen as the virtuous achievement of paying more and for a longer time than is necessary.  

Why is this virtuous?  

(Hint:  It is NOT Virtuous, but) the justification goes that our children, and thier children, ad infinitum, should be still be paying for the bridge, rail line, or whatever the case might be for the life of the product. 

As Milton Friedman said, ' One of the Great Mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions, rather than their results'.  I would also point out that the same could be stated of 'Stated Intentions for policies and programs'.

Now these things are not always for 'useful goods' - if you could borrow money at 5% Per Annum Simple Interest (SI) (to save over complicating things with Terms of Payments, Penalties, Fees, etc.) to get a 10% SI Guaranteed return, Per Annum... then that makes perfect sense. 

Nothing is Guaranteed though, in reality, and the likelihood of the Return (or other positive outcome) depends on many factors - it still might make sense for Capital Items, e.g. machinery that we do not have the expertise or demand to make that save money or lives, in one way or another, or that produce more value in Goods and Services than resources required to purchase such Products.  The likelihood of 'making a buck' on much of the Conspicuous Consumption, (Audacious Expenditure) often doesn't - unless it is say for a lovely Water Fountain in Lake Macquarie with lights that change the colour of the water, playing a tune or two; if gotten at a great price (after an achievement / for tourism purposes).

Anyway, I think that most Australian Adults understand that the Government wastes buck-loads of OUR MONEY, that the Government is addicted to OPM (Other People's Money - pronounced 'opium' for poignant fun).  

As Doctor Ron Paul said,  'Don't Steal: The Government Hates Competition!'

- Arjay Martin


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