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 Petition by Arjay Martin - Independent for Charlestown.

For the Installation of a Sewer System in Wyee.

I, the undersigned, am dissatisfied with the lack of response and lack of results from both the Liberal Party and Labor Party (at all levels of government) in relation to Wyee's Sewer still not existing.

This is despite decades of promises from local elected officials, as well as bureaucrats, that the sewer system infrastructure installation is 'just around the corner'.

We are sick and tired of empty promises, and support the former Wyee Resident, Arjay Martin, in his endeavours and demands to get work to commence on a Sewer System for Wyee within one year from the coming State By Election (to be held on 25-10-2014).

Wyee Residents and Businesses should not be forced to pay $1000s extra each year, for each household and business, for 'waste' removal, on top of the already exorbitant money extracted from the people of Lake Macquarie in ever increasing Rates, Levies, and Other Charges.

These Charges, where no Opt-Out or competition is allowed, includes Lake Macquarie City Council's massive Rate Rise which was supposedly a cure-all for such infrastructure problems.

As reported in the Jakarta Post (link below) the Federal Government (then ALP) recently donated half-a-billion-dollars ($500, 000, 000) of Our taxes to fund Indonesian Madrasahs (Fundamentalist Islamic Schools).

On top of this are the billions of dollars that are privately donated, as well as the many billions of dollars of our money each & every year that the Federal Government 'donate' overseas, collected under the pretences of provisioning AUSTRALIANS with amenities, infrastructure and services.

All of these overseas donations, yet a large population in Lake Macquarie is not even handed the crumbs that it would take to upgrade to a "Western" Sewer System; from the Third-World system that we have (or that of early 1800s Sydney).


Jakarta Post Report:

*  Disclaimer - This petition has been created and paid for by Arjay Martin, Independent Candidate for Charlestown.   

Arjay is a former Resident of Wyee.  He no longer lives there but it is an important issue to him.

You can sign it even if you live outside of the area.

By filling in this Petition you are agreeing that I can present it to the relevant officials. If Elected to Parliament I will hound and embarrass the Federal and State Governments, Council and Hunter Water - if they make it necessary through inaction - into creating this vital infrastructure.

What will stop me hounding them, is for physical work to be commenced within one year of the election.  

Details provided will of course not be sold or made for general public viewing, but will be thrust upon the relevant government representatives - both Elected and the Bureaucrats to demand that Wyee Finally gets a Sewer System. 

** Please Note - Arjay Martin is not currently residing in Wyee.  Despite this, I shall continue in my efforts to get Wyee a much needed, and much over-due, sewer system.  So please Sign & Share.



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