Arjay Martin
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GAP Queensland Senate Candidate.


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It was once seen as a virtue for all nations to strive for autarky – that is, self-reliance and self-sufficiency – to value-add as much as possible, rather than giving the entire benefit of our raw materials to foreign lands, for their people to benefit from – including selling our processed materials back to us in the form of cars, white-goods, electronics, etc.

I have represented my fellow Lake Macquarians for around five years as a part of the Council's Community Advisory Group, standing up for them in many cases against terrible ideas – as well as supporting some great ones - and presenting my own alternatives, all the while learning how to get things done effectively within government.

This means that it could be said, in many ways, that I've more Lake Macquarie City Council experience than the new batch of Councillors who joined the Council at the end of 2012, or maybe even more than the batch that started the election prior to that - depending on what metrics are used.

For 4 years I was also involved with the areas biggest Community Centre, The Place: Charlestown Youth & Community Centre,   when I finished up there I was the Treasurer for around 2 years, and Executive Board Member.   The Place provides both excellent facilities and hosts numerous interesting and interactive programs, as well as many other benefits to the people of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.  Check out their website, call or visit them to find out what's on.

I love Lake Macquarie, as well as Newcastle, for there are many great areas, and better still, many great people who also happen to be crying out for better direction and real representation in government.


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